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Five songs in five minutes
Lure of the Unknown - Day of Endings Lure of the Unknown - Day of Endings
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 195
5 tracks, 5 minutes

On Day of Endings, Lure of the Unknown (Joeseph Simon) gives the series a new challenging twist - one minute soundtracks to six word micro-stories.

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Track Listing:
Ghost Story - Knock knock, nobody's there.
Exploding star. Supernovae. Old life new.
Light disappears, darkness expands, tomorrow dies.
Traveled back in time, existence denied.
Traveled forward in time, prematurely died.

Hard to pin down is the distorted disorienting drones of Lure of the Unknown’s “Day of Endings”. Over the course of the collection Lure of the Unknown utilizes noise, samples, and found sound to great effect. Texturally dense the songs sweep the listener up into a surreal world, one where everything is unclear. By refusing to keep a linear structured path to the sound Lure of the Unknown delves into something that feels quite compelling. Flux reigns supreme over the strange creations that have been carefully sculpted throughout.
“Ghost Story – Knock knock, nobody’s there” introduces the collection with ebbing and flowing sound. Various disembodied voices rest on the very edge of the periphery of the recording. Sheets of noise add to the overall weird mix, and melody exists only in ghostly fragments. Almost Pan Sonic like with its angular sound is “Exploding star. Supernovae. Old life new.” With this song, Lure of the Unknown ratchets up the tension to an unbelievable degree letting the entire piece become quite uncomfortable. Easily the highlight of the collection is the powerful work of “Light disappears, darkness expands, tomorrow dies.” For this piece, Lure of the Unknown wastes no time in letting the unease make itself fully felt. “Traveled back in time, existence denied.” On this track, Lure of the Unknown lets the voices finally come to the surface, the conclusion of which results in the collection finale of “Traveled forward in time, prematurely died.”
Lure of the Unknown delivers a spellbinding series of suites on the surreal world of “Day of Endings”.
~ Beach Sloth