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sacred places in the city
MP3 EP 1999/2006 | silber 054
13 tracks, 33 minutes
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Originally recorded in 1999, the final sessions from Vlor in the original Halasz/Mitchell line up.  Like a low-fi drum-free Mogwai.

: Press release

Brian John Mitchell and Russell Halasz introduced their musical activity in 1992 while covering Bauhaus and The Cure songs on acoustic guitars, after which soon followed their first hiatus. Brian John Mitchell started with his new project Remora which more exactly did mean concentrating on guitar drone experiments, which obviously influenced Vlor`s subsequent aspirations in experimental vein.
Lavished EP was released in 1997 and luxate EP a year later (today the EP`s are offered as a joint album). Because they had no money at first to afford yourselves delay and reverb generating devices they were strained to use natural ambiences. For instance, a racquetball court. In short, it was solid shoegaze music with a fringe of loud reverberation reminding of some My Bloody Valentine`s most atmospheric and epic moments ( (When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream; No More Sorry; Moon Song) and experimental moments (Touched) as well; on the other hand it drives and impresses on a darker sequence and some sparsenss in rhythm or even lack of it aside as well, approaching in that way to the soundscape of another legend Lycia (by the way, Lycia`s Mike VanPortfleet is part of Vlor nowadays).
While having been the last joint record session sacred places in the city is a symbolic release first of all. Thereafter the closest friends have each other felt out (the situation which is comparable to Spaceman 3, isn`t?). Vis-à-vis with their previous publications the reverb effects have been more reduced for it. Guitar arpeggios have distinctly been roughed out.
Although the release is minimal by instrumentals and soundscape on there it is full of mood music as yet. There is no difference after all, in which way this 33-minute long set should be characterized anyway - shoegaze, post-rock, darkwave. On the other hand - while it is still far away from any of pop centres by its minimalist approach, it can be considered as one as being quite close to academic guitar approach, this album could have had a broader audience. Great music, great muscians.
~ Kert Semm, Recent Music Heroes/Engendered from Divine Breath