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Small Life Form
Small Life Form - It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm Small Life Form - It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 205
1 track, 12 minutes
$1 download
Just in time for Christmas, Small Life Form delivers a pure slab of aggressive ambient drone. Just like home, it is not safe but it is warm. Jesus is coming to love & destroy us all.

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Track Listing:
It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm

“a pure slab of aggressive ambient drone”? Between the title and this one line descriptor of this one track release, what more really needs to be said about It Is Not Safe?
Are you one of those that dreads Christmas? Neverending Christmas music loops like so much sonic warfare in your ears? Horrible friends and family? Does Christmas make you feel like Harry from Christmas Evil?
Small Life Form’s longform blown-out ambient textures are not as terrifying as the descriptor might make it sound, however. It’s less terrorizing than claustrophobic, as seemingly monolithic Jacob’s Ladders and Tesla Coils spark and hiss around you, like some Cosmic Horror mad scientist’s laboratory.
This is, quite simply, a damn fine power noise/harsh drone record that conveys a feeling that a narrative arc couldn’t. Endless, drifting, grinding, ruminative, anxious, powerful… the perfect soundtrack for feeling slightly out of whack while everyone else is full of glad tidings and good cheer!
~ Forestpunk

If you have been a regular reader over the years you will have noticed various entries through Silber Records and Small Life Form is another of those entries. As with Remora – Small Life Form is one of Brian Mitchell the owner of Silber Medias’ personal musical projects.
Running for over twelve and a half minutes "It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm" is a track to turn out the lights, close the eyes and languish within. One is minded of watching a rusty spot rotting away the steel surrounding as the buzzing of a thousand wasps drills into the ears. The fusion of exposed wires invites the listener to create their own capricious sound effects through volume, bass and treble. If you have access to delay and echo through your sound system, play with those functions too.
"It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm" is perhaps the antithesis of the rising popularity of using mobile phones and MP3s to listen to music through reedy delivery, no matter which accompanying speakers are attached and I recommend purchasing the FLAC version from the bandcamp download where the clarity of delivery allows you optimal experience.
~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands