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Kirchenkampf - Swimming Towards the Light Kirchenkampf - Swimming Towards the Light
MP3 Album 2015 | Silber 198
5 tracks, 61 minutes
$5 Download
On Swimming Towards The Light, Kirchenkampf’s compositions are inspired by facing a fear of drowning. The sounds shimmer like water with sounds that are both distant & submerged as well as in your ear present. A journey & a soundtrack, somewhere between a horror movie soundtrack & guided meditation. Listen in & survive your fears alongside Kirchenkampf.

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Track Listing:
Heed the Deep
Memories Past
Land of Hope and Dread
North Carolina label Silber Records, continual purveyors of inspired experimental music, bring us Swimming Towards The Light, the new release from Kirchenkampf, aka John Gore. On this release, full of dark ambient textures, sinister space and industrial grimaces, Gore explores the fear of drowning, with a tonal poem that is ripe for the season, and manifest with inventive sonic emotions. This is a must have.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Kirchenkampf presents elegant elegiac drone work on the luxuriant “Swimming Towards the Light”. Stately melodies emerge out of these sprawling ambitious pieces. Going for a more cosmic sound these are pieces that at times recall the early work of Future Sound of London’s “Lifeforms”. Over the course of the album Kirchenkampt proves to have a deft ear for form as these songs evolve with true grace. Quite beautiful at times the songs feel all-encompassing as they work to deliver stunning moments. By taking a single element of sound and exploring it in depth the way the pieces feel akin to the work of a microscope is soothing.
Wasting no time in getting started is the booming “Hydrophobia”. For this piece Kirchenkampf lets a wide variety of pitches and layers come together to deliver something that feels physical in sound. Eventually this dissipates away into the infinite. Much louder in sound is the near harshness of “Heed the Deep”. By far the highlight of the album “Heed the Deep” recalls Autechre’s digital textures. No singular rhythm or groove is settled upon this is an anxious track that scurries about. Quite unsettling the song’s spirit is one of uncertainty. More pastoral in tone is the field recording infused sound of “Sheol”. Delicate tones define the gentleness of “Memories Past” whose angelic tones have a nostalgic hue to them. “Land of Hope and Dread” offers a duality, one of optimism alongside terror, never comfortably settling into either.
“Swimming Towards the Light” reveals Kirchenkampf to be a fine practitioner of the best that drone has to offer.
~ Beach Sloth