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Electric Bird Noise
Electric Bird Noise - The Moonflower Electric Bird Noise - The Moonflower
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 242
14 tracks, 43 minutes
$5 download
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The Moonflower is a murder mystery play by creative powerhouse Philip James Fox (Wicked Gift, Gratisphere) & the Electric Bird Noise soundtrack is essentially a greatest hits collection covering the past seven years of the band. Nearly every musical side of Electric Bird Noise is represented, from discordant ambient jazz structures (“owt ytriht”, “neves”) to synth pop (“carnegiea gigantean”, “peter hook”) to ambient drone (“welcome to static beach”) to darkwave (“i come from the earth”) to electro (“i miss those hardcore kids”). Sit back & solve a murder mystery or how all of these songs come from the same project.

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Track Listing:
Scene 1 - owt ytnewt
Scene 2 - trouble at the hayworth house
Scene 3 - neves
Scene 4 - welcome to static beach
Scene 5 - thgie ytnewt
Scene 6 - i miss those hardcore kids
Scene 7 - carnegiea gigantea
Scene 8 - eno
Scene 9 - net
Scene 10 - ytriht
Scene 11 - enin ytnewt
Scene 12 - i come from the earth
Scene 13 - burned by the sands
Curtain Call - peter hook