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Electric Bird Noise
Electric Bird Noise - Nighttime Tides Electric Bird Noise - Nighttime Tides
MP3 Album 2016 | Silber 229
1 track, 32 minutes
$5 download
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For Nighttime Tides, Electric Bird Noise presents a soundtrack for the ocean rolling in. Calming, soothing, repetitive, lulling, but hinting at a sleeping power of destruction. Will tonight be the night the waves crush coastal towns while we sleep? While we’re dreaming do we even care if we’re destroyed or somehow saved by the creatures of the deep? As long as a guitar string can still create soothing melodies it doesn’t matter if it’s underwater….

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Staying with Silber just a little while longer, another release that escaped our gaze was Electric Bird Noise’s ‘nighttime tides’ – a 32-minute astral head trip, perfect for headphonic delight. This cosmic odyssey provides a mesmeric chill pill that enables you to forget and drop the worries and labours of the day in return for diving deep into its celestial pools. Navigating a trajectory that’s equal parts tangerine dream and Floyd, this hulking hypnotic dream machine is cooled in cruise controlling repetitive loops of vapour trailing oceanic bliss kisses, so setrle back, skin up, strap yourself in and let your inner self fly.
~ Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience

Symphonic in scope, Electric Bird Noise’s “Nighttime Tides” feels timeless. The evolution of sound has a classic quality to it, one that effortlessly brings together post-rock and ambient. Quite soothing, the song possesses a sunny airy feeling to it. Optimism pours out of the arrangement as the many layers seem to all lift themselves upwards to the skies. Various movements are incorporated throughout the piece, subtle in their scope and touch. Yet it is the smallest gestures that have the greatest impact on the piece. Electric Bird Noise employ perfect pacing as the song unfurls with purpose. By taking on such a style Electric Bird Noise makes a reflective piece, one that at times seems to hint at summer’s nighttime joy.
The way the song begins is quite grand. Incorporating various naturalistic flourishes the song sprawls out into the infinite. Ebbing and flowing the song’s serene nature lets it hint at unexplored lands. Little rumbles of the bass frequencies help to give the song a droning backbone from which it builds number guitar riffs and gestures, one on top of the other. Elongating these sounds out the sound feels calming. With all else removed Electric Bird Noise create their own universe using only a minimal number of effects. Much of the sound’s power comes from this balancing act, of ensuring that no one element overpowers the others.
Electric Bird Noise creates a wonderful sea of sound on the lovely “Nighttime Tides”.
~ Beach Sloth

Nighttime Tides is the new album from Electric Bird Noise, on innovative indie label Silber Records. Consisting of a single piece of music spanning nearly 33 minutes, Nighttime Tides is an ambient soundscape meant to evoke visions of the ocean. With flowing guitar drones, diverse textures and implied melodies, the piece exudes complexity, while retaining a simple listening experience. Like the sea, the music washes over you effortlessly, yet hints at a deeper artistic level that can only be enjoyed through active mental decomposition of the sounds on offer.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots