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Five songs in five minutes
Koyl - Fingerprints Koyl - Fingerprints
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 222
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
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Koyl comes to Silber with five songs in five minutes, one about each finger. But are the fingers originally on one hand or are they fingers from dead men stitched together to tell tales of angst & woe? No matter, now they all are part of the one & making incredible soundscapes with a guitar & lapsteel.

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Track Listing:
Pulling the Trigger
Flipping the Bird
La corde au cou

Staying with Silber’s 5 in 5 series, Koyl serve up ‘fingerprints’ – perhaps of all the releases from this recent batch, this is one that manages to shoehorn the most ideas and musical phrasings. Each track apparently dedicated to a finger on the hand with the rather trippy dust plains spiritual ‘versus’ opening up proceedings and gently freefalling into ‘pulling the trigger’ which unless my ears do deceive sumptuously navigates terrains previously occupied by Grails. Best moment without doubt, the angelic and dare I say beautifully eerie ‘flipping the bird’ whose bitter sweet repose somehow manages to capture, step and fill the finite fault line existing between Ennio Morricone and John Barry. ‘la corde au cou’ tenses the mood a smidgeon sounding as though its stepped straight from a classic 70’s horror giallo before the flighty and decidedly binary funk struck ‘yubitsime’ sweetly orbits its way to the finishing line beneath the vapour trailing shadow of boards of Canada.
~ Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience

The first finger that Koyl named ‘Versus’ we get served a Buddhist temple atmosphere in which guests ring the bells for the gods in the sky to notice them. When these gods quickly come down to earth, it’s time to hear the reasonable soundtrack of yet another finger dubbed ‘Pulling the trigger’. It’s a moment of lighted incense, magic lamps and ancient wisdom, performed by fingering the strings of a snare like instrument instead of a pistol. Is this also the theme track for when someone ask you to pull their finger, with a fart as a result?
A moment of truth and revelation comes while listening to the finger titled ‘Flipping the bird’. It’s a quick melodic moment that humbles the listener down in rapid speed. It’s all going down so quick, making it hard to capture if you haven’t got a reasonable amount of attention.
Also short but effective is the next finger ‘La corde au cou’ which comes in like a dark shadowy ghost hanging close to the floor, slipping like a shine-through spirit from one corridor to another. It all happens so quick; photo proof will be hard to find.
The five fingers of this EP becomes complete with the last audio finger track of ‘Yubitsume’, a minimal funk moment with experimental sounds. It’s pretty nice but will pass by rather quick again, making me feel like it’s best to play with each of these fingers on repeat as a loop, as otherwise it just passes by like an interesting, but quickly edible snack.
~ Yeah I Know It Sucks