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Five songs in five minutes
Dyr Faser - Dyr Faser Dyr Faser - Dyr Faser
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 217
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Dyr Faser is Eric Boomhower & part of Boston’s growing lo-fi post-punk/proto-goth scene. Taking notes from godfathers of the genres like Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Suicide, Durutti Column, & Coil – Dyr Faser blends it all together & gives you five one minute shots that hit you like $2 shots at an after hours bar. You can’t help but nod your head to the drum machine rhythms as you wait for the creature lurking in the darkness to destroy you. Don’t worry; the monsters have always been your friends.

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Track Listing:
Just A Face
Until Then You
To Be Desired
Only The Dark And I
Take The One

apologies to the silber crew and of course Dyr Faser whose 5 in 5 outing we omitted – well overlooked its fair to say during the course of our scribblings on the latest batch of Silber outings. Five delicious post punk sore thumbs from a minimalist electro past c 1980 – in truth perfect for all you old school Mute, factory, fast records et al admirers and something that should equally appeal to those subscribing to the likes of the Weird and polytechnic youth imprints. Reference wise these five chill toned nuggets head out from beneath the shadow of the normal and fad gadget, the latter mentioned irrefutably so on the opening strike ‘just a face’ while both ‘until then you’ and ‘to be desired’ come possessed of an Edward Ka-Spell-esque grooving of shadowlined soft psych distortions. Best moment of the set though comes with the starkly sparse approach of ‘take the one’ which annoyingly tapers off just as its about to blossom though not before giving hints that its author is something of a Cheval Sombre fan.
~ Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience

Gloomy dark lo-fi for the masses, Dyr Faser’s self-titled collection is a true delight. Catchy to their very core these are songs that linger in the mind long after they are over. By opting for such a stripped-down electro-industrial sound, they are able to go for a timeless raw atmosphere. Additionally this relatively sparse and effective approach works to create a sense of intimacy that helps to define much of the work. Songs play off of each other helping to further set the nimble, punk-infused approach to their style.
“Just A Face” starts the collection off on a high note. Drum machines rattle on as various synthesizers swirl around in an everlasting cloudy sound. Slightly more hopeless is the work of “Until Then You” where the song is one of despair of what happens when hope is truly lost. Guitar work is particularly fine on this piece choosing an angular style to it. A rush of sound and tempos works in favor of the blast of “To Be Desired”. From the synthesizer’s bleating to the nimble guitar, everything works to create a beautiful blur of sound. Slowing things down to a languid pace is the reflective work of “Only The Dark And I”. Ominous the song is easily the highlight of the collection as it delves into elements of psychedelic rock. Hyperactive in nature is the collection closer the spirited “Take The One”.
Smart and with a true sense of style, Dyr Faser’s self-titled is an absolute delight.
~ Beach Sloth

Many of the Silber “5 in 5” series releases I’ve heard to date have been drones, atmospheres and noises. This seemingly self-titled “Dyr Faser” release is the closest to ‘pop’ I’ve heard them come. It’s a lo-fi, muddy collection of five miniature pop songs, all packed into one minute doses (well some of them go several seconds over that but who’s counting?) There’s a swaggering lethargy to some of it, like a grumpy New Order bumping into a drunk Depeche Mode in 1986. The lo-fi production gives you a slightly thin sound, with vocals bathed in reverb and heavy use of stereo separation that’s faintly discomforting.
Both “Just A Face” and “Only The Dark And I” sound like the first minute of longer songs abandoned or unfinished. “Until Then You” is a riff and soft breakbeat. “To Be Desired” has an interesting groove that’s got hints of the 1960’s White Noise experimental protopunk-with-oscillators over which a guitar wanders, ad libbing in search of a riff.
Particularly on “Take The One”, the combination of psychedelic effects, rough-edged electronics and thin-sounding twangy guitar is reminiscent of the before-they-were-famous sound of The Shamen, but without the catchy hooks that propelled that band into an utterly different world.
The Silber “5 in 5” concept series suits some artists better than others. There are some interesting ideas and definite potential swilling around, but unfortunately rather than feeling like a complete five-minute work, this is one of those that feels like a teasing sampler to build interest in their longer EP’s on Bandcamp.
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K.

Dyr Faser manage to cover all manner of soundscapes and vibes in this 5 minute EP with a massive array of curious and confronting sounds that will take you on a deep dark cave-live journey. There are elements of post-punk, electronic, industrial, and psyceldelica mixed together here, all working together to create a thick atmosphere.
‘Just a face’ is a chilling electro/punk offering. Full of thick atmosphere and a curious eastern twist it paves the way towards a deep dark journey. ‘Until then you’ lifts the energy. Sounding somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and early Cure there is a confronting and menacing feel felt throughout. ‘To be desired’ brings in a cool if not creepy psychedelic vibe into the sound creating an airy haze. ‘Only the dark’ sees some no wave / shoe-gazer elements creep in courtesy of a slow and hypnotic guitar that lulls you into submission before leaving you behind. The EP closes in a slightly chilled out fashion with the slow ‘Take the one’ that soon unravels into oblivion.
This is another great 5in5 EP that crams in some amazing atmosphere and feeling all into 5 minutes!
~ Tomatrax