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Five songs in five minutes
Fullness Off Lack - Shitty Heavens Fullness Off Lack - Shitty Heavens
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 223
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Based in Warsaw, Poland Fullness Off Lack is a solo project of Mat Gut (predominantly a guitarist, but he also sings & plays bass for FOL). The original concept of FOL was to make music that felt like a full shoegaze/post rock band despite the limitation of a single member, but now things have shifted to more ambient sides of the genre, leaning towards drones & soundscapes, which is how things land on Shitty Heavens. Vocals as a texture with words indecipherable, so the listener can make their own lyrics based on their own life experiences of rebellion & struggles & victory. Onward to the shitty heavens!

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Track Listing:
Solid Clouds
Shitty Heavens