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Five songs in five minutes
Drekka - Ghost House Drekka - Ghost House
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 196
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Electronic voice phonemenon monitoring by Drekka in a room within a room within a ghost house.  Spirit sounds or human defections?

: Press Release
: Digital Booklet
: Video "Basement" with tracks from Ghost House as the soundtrack

Track Listing:

Drekka‘s Ghost House is the latest entry in Silber Music’s 5in5 series, each one presenting 5 songs in 5 minutes.  In this case, we’d love to hear a full album.  The theme is simple: field recordings in a haunted house.  Drekka (Michael Anderson) calls the project “EVP monitoring”, and the frequent theremin-like warbles seem to indicate a ghostly presence or two.  These rooms are cavernous, inhabited by deep echoes and clutches of static.  When a purposeful rush of white noise emerges from the chaos, the room grows chilled.  And then distant bells, fumbling with the machine, and an ending straight out of the original Blair Witch Project:  sound swallowing silence, then spewing it back into the ether.  The EP is absolutely perfect.  Play it before you go out, and you might want to stay in.
~ A Closer Listen

Very short EP, exclusively on digital download, made by Michael Anderson, AKA Drekka.  Barely 5 minutes of field recordings, drones and sonic treatments, from sounds allegedly taken from a haunted house.
Apart from all suggestions, some ideas are really interesting, but the project is definitely self-referential and manneristic.
~ Rockerilla

With “Ghost House” Drekka creates spacious surreal soundscapes. Eschewing melody and rhythm these are pieces obsessed with mood and texture. The experimental nature of the collection finds itself somewhat balanced by the dazzling display of sounds explored in full throughout the collection. Playing off of each other the songs work best when taken in as a singular whole. Various sound skitter around the main nebulous quality of the atmospheres as everything keeps itself in a fully realized state of flux. By opting for such an approach the sound constantly intrigues and surprises never settling into something comfortable, something expected.
Mere whispers open up the gigantic work of “EVP1”. Easily the highlight of the collection within this piece Drekka lets the small gestures work wonders. Over the course of the work Drekka layers sound on top of itself until it almost reaches a breaking point for the finale. Creepy hiss and a hint of melody define “EVP2” as the song finds itself constantly shifting. Hums emerge out of the backbone of “EVP3”. Serving as something of a revised to “EVP1” is the equally dreamy “EVP4”. Unlike “EVP1” with “EVP4” Drekka brings the song to a rather subdued conclusion. No buildup is seen rather the song celebrates the near silence of the sound. Bringing the collection to a close is the harsh feedback of “EVP5” which ends the collection on a jarring note.
Drekka delivers a sound with true style on the otherworldly spirited performance of “Ghost House”.
~ Beach Sloth

For fans of: Electronic Voice Phenomena, Experimental, Ambient, Drone, Noise, Post-Rock, Cinematic, Shoegaze, Industrial, Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Coil, Cindytalk, Tarkovsky/Artemiev, Flying Saucer Attack.
Static inconsolable sounds!!! 5 forlorn interpretations that are simple yet suspenseful in terror.  Disconcerting and unsettling in less than 5 minutes that will make anyone jump in their seat.  Just to get a better picture of how frightful this music is, I would check out the "Basement" video directed by Sarah Dunevant, with Drekka and his well made soundscapes of phantoms. It's very chilling and really does enhance the tracks making the video more suspense in the sense of a cursed spirit lurking around freely with no fear.
I would recommend anyone that's looking for a frightening soundtrack that suites their Halloween needs for next year or right now if your into that kind of thing \m/!!!  Drekka's Ghost House is unpleasantly uncomfortable with noise all the way til the very end!!!! I would recommend checking this out right away!!!
~ Anthony "Tarman" Duran, Zero Signal