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Treyverb - A Year Without Words Treyverb - A Year Without Words
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 212
4 tracks, 26 minutes
$3 download
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A Year Without Words is the recorded debut of Treyverb & the music speaks without words, communicating things too difficult to be spoken from a year of emotional turmoil resulting in solace & serenity.  Let the music lap over you like the surf; soothing, swirling, calming, & calling you home.

: Press Release

Track Listing:
: Listen to the track Jesus Overdrive
: Listen to the track Twin Velvet
: Listen to the track Opus 72
: Listen to the track Sunset Stripe

The first time I listened through A Year Without Words, I spent the entire listen staring into space; specifically, the window of my third-floor flat, through which I can see the sky, the high branches of idle trees and the antenna reaching out of the top of high-rise buildings. It felt appropriate – encouraged, even – by the heady mix of shoegaze reverbs and choruses, and the ethereal fade of those cascading guitar delays, and those charming and repetitive bass guitar slides. The record carries me above the drudge of burdening thought, rising up into those helium fantasies that bounce against the top of my skull: pleasant holiday memories, polite appreciation of the weather. Occasionally the pieces are flecked with the violets and mauves of melancholy (the sombre sway of “Sunset Stripe” for example, or the wandering drum machines of “Jesus Overdrive”), but it’s a mere dab amidst a palette of much more vibrant and utopian shades: the blazing solar yellows of those distorted guitar leads, the dusky oranges of delays curdling into soft, billowing ambience. It’s Cocteau Twins in a blissful snooze; The Jesus & Mary Chain with the blizzard pulled back.
~ ATTN:Magazine

We meant to mention this a little while back when we had the pleasure of casting an ear over the latest Yellow6 salvo, this one being part of the recent summer selection from Silber records. A quite gorgeously mellowing thing, this is Treyverb who are currently to be found sporting an EP by the name ‘a year without words’ from which ‘Jesus Overdrive’ has been causing much adoring swooning around the gaff not least for the fact that it comes sighed in the kind of crystalline classicism that initially had us recalling a reflective Vini Reilly / Durutti Column yet which the further you dig, the seductive tender spray of the riffing sunburns hints of something steeled in the captivating poise you’d more likely encounter on a bruising beauty honed by the Church. Equally alluring is ‘twin velvet’ with its serenely seafaring palette navigating the kind of reclining drifting yearn whose lazy eyed lilt and appreciation of space, pause and poise delicately shimmers to reveal echoes of a contemplative Smiths in situ Marr.
~ The Sunday Experience

So rarely does an instrumental album come along that is so good that I, too, am stunned into silence.
But Treyverb (known to most as Trey McManus) did just that with his debut, A Year Without Words. In fact, I was so drawn into the album, that I didn’t even notice it was an instrumental record until three-quarters of the way through.
It opens with “Jesus Overdrive,” a track that could be described as a punchy acoustic sound if it weren’t for the introspective ambient hum. The multi-layered song sinks into an electric haze at points, which mixes surprisingly well with the simple, twangy keys.
You swim smoothly into “Twin Velvet” next. It almost sounds like a variation of “Jesus Overdrive,” and maybe that’s the point. This second song, however, features more of the distorted and echoey electric guitar, with the bass lines taking on a steadying, driving role. Simple and soothing, “Twin Velvet” is also one of the most melodic tracks on the four-song album.
Next up is “Opus 72.” It moves slowly, with echoey punches taking you along for a wavy ride. Strangely serene, the song layers on forceful strings that fade into the distance before a sure electric riff takes over and dives into the ether.
Finally, we have “Sunset Stripe,” which also opens with quiet keys that echo and deepen into an electric monologue. As if carrying you into a sunset, the song deepens and blossoms with an electric guitar, and sparing drums. It’s the perfect end to a beautiful album.
~ Olivia D'Orazio, Raz Mataz Magazine

Treyverb’s “A Year Without Words” goes for a celebratory, blown-out sound best suited for sleepy Sunday mornings. Everything here goes for the gigantic: from the soaring guitars into the sky, to the seemingly endless grooves that grace many of the pieces, the whole of the album works only when taken in as a whole. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance as without the many flourishes of sound the songs would not be able to convey their sense of unbridled freedom that define most of them. Psychedelic rock and folk seem to be the main sources of inspiration that guide these pieces forward, alongside elements of classical and post-rock that also inform the songs structurally.
Volume is an absolute must for the cathartic rush of sound of the opening “Jesus Overdrive”. Starting off small the song becomes a true force of nature with a rhythm that simply refuses to quit. On the latter half of the song everything simply explodes in a bright burning display of color. Calm to its core is the reflective work of “Twin Velvet”. Shoegaze defines the rather lush textures of “Opus 72” where Treyverb displays impressive chops in creating something that feels so rich. Serving as a wonderful bookend to the piece is the playful work of “Sunset Stripe”. The sounds come together to create a jubilant spirit that brings the album to a close.
“A Year Without Words” displays the uncanny ability of Treyverb to deliver driving, seemingly endless grooves.
~ Beach Sloth

From Myrtle Beach in the USA the instrumental-psychedelic-gaze creator Trey McManus who performs under the name Treyverb.
Glittering guitars subsume themselves inside folds of reverberation giving the listener the sense they are bobbing inside the ripples sent out by a pebble dropped into a mill-pond and listening to the quiet disturbance. Treybveb couches the instrumentation inside reflections of itself giving the sounds a multi-dimensional perspective in which the audience is invited to oscillate like a free-radical element and each play through of the music conjurers up new kaleidoscopes of sound.
The palettes are of primary colours, yet Treyverb is able to take the mind on a journey of multitudinousness pastel shades as the interweaving melodies circulate inside themselves, leaving the mind transfixed by the hues.
An experienced musician Trey is able to translate that knowledge to tapestries which enunciate of the settling of inner turmoil which, despite the sparsity of complexity, are able to inflect of emotional turbulence.
Treyverb has the ability to transfer auditory minimalism to create a sound which is a tour de force of projectionist sublimation as the mind wraps itself into a Gordinian Knot of self-exploration.
~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands

Treyverb il progetto dreampop di Trey McManus (The Drag, King Of Prussia), chitarrista nato e cresciuto a Myrtle Beach, nella Carolina del Sud. Sulle quattro tracce dell’EP A Year Without Words, il chitarrista americano esprime tutto il suo amore per la stagione pi sognante del rock, traducendo i caratteristici intarsi di Robin Guthrie in un linguaggio pi desertico e americano. Il risultato non lontano dai viaggi descritti da Henry Frayne nei suoi dischi a nome Lanterna.  INCANTEVOLE.
~ Roberto Mandolini, Rockerilla