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Thorn1 - The Leave of Leaves Thorn1 - The Leave of Leaves
MP3 Album 2016 | Silber 211
7 tracks, 41 minutes
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Thorn1 continues with an album of drone pop & minimalist post rock in a style all its own.

: Press Release

Track listing:
The Leave of Leaves
Your Troubles Are Over
Minus Mercury
At the Age of 15 I Will Love You Forever

Our friends at North Carolina's Silber Records have released The Leave of Leaves, the new album from Siberian artist Thorn1, aka Evgeny Zheyda. This is a record where the isolation of western Siberia is transformed into dark, compelling post-punk songs. The seven tracks are anthemic sojourns juxtaposed with melodic pop passages. Musically varied, starkly beautiful and sonically compelling, Zheyda is an artist whose music is a testament to the creativity to be found in the most unlikely of places. This is a definite must have.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Delightfully weaving together elements of pop, folk, electronica, and post-rock into a vibrant whole, Thorn1’s “The Leave of Leaves” teems with life. Rhythms have an insistent quality to them as they oftentimes see themselves playing off of each other creating a kaleidoscopic swirl of different tempos interacting in a variety of ways. Melodies rest at the heart of this as the many ways that the songs shift and grow feels organic.
Starting the album off on a strong note is the electro-pop performance of the title track “The Leave of Leaves”. With defiant guitar work the song builds itself up into gorgeous washes of guitar. The post-rock influence plays an important role in this release. Far more nimble in style is the giddy work of “Lorca” where the shimmering tones come together to reference Steve Reich’s work at times. Angelic drones define the ambitious sprawl of “Stun”. By far the highlight of the album is the blissful work of “14-40”. Over the course of this piece Thorn1 goes from introspective slow-moving contemplation to a celebratory rush of sound. Deliberate the way the song builds itself up is masterful showing off Thorn1’s true talent for form. “Your Troubles Are Over” deserves to be blasted as loud as it possibly can, as the song’s infinitely catchiness is undeniable. “At the Age of 15 I Will LoveYou Forever” brings the album to a joyful conclusion.
Pastoral in its essence, Thorn1’s “The Leave of Leaves” is imbued with a strong undeniable sense of optimism.
~ Beach Sloth

The Silber label constantly manages to put out releases of impressive diversity while always retaining a distinctive label identity.  Like 4AD in its great years, the hallmark of a Silber release manages to be both instantly identifiable and yet something you can't
quite put your finger on.
This elusiveness applies also to one of my favourite Silber artists, Thorn1, the work of Siberia's Evgeny Zheyda, whose been putting together elements drawn from drone, slowcore and post-rock for ten years now, consistently producing rich tapestries that defy any kind of easy categorisation, which is as it should be.
The Leave of Leaves is yet another fascinating extension of Zheyda's musical journey.  Leading off, listeners familiar with his previous work might be surprised by the curiously upbeat, lilting melody of the title track, setting the mood for a collection that is probably Thorn1's most accessible work to date, leading into the twinkling, mesmerising 'Lorca', which I feature in my Dandelion Radio show this month.
Not that admirers of Thorn1's intensity should be put off.  This is no descent into the melodically trivial, as the heavy textures of the ten minute centrepiece 'Stun' more than adequately demonstrate.   The album should be viewed, rather, as further evidence of Zheyda's willingness to venture into new and unfamiliar places while, like Silber itself, retaining enough of what was there before to be identifiable instantly among aficionados as a Thorn1 release.
~ Mark Whitby, Unwashed Territorries

I don't think I've given Silber Records enough shine. In fact, searching through my posts it appears I've never mentioned the drone-heavy label or one of its many artists / releases despite the roster making regular appearances on my late-night radio show playlists. It was while assembling the playlist for tonight's show that I realized I should show Brian John Mitchell and the work he does some love considering how taken I am with the latest from Thorn1, an LP called The Leave of Leaves. I'll be playing three tracks on the show to close things off and it all wraps up with the beauty below, "Stun," an expansive tune that will lull you to bed in the dark of night.
~ Michael Elves, Reductive Reviews

This time we didn't get a 5x5 release by Silber Records, but a full album. The project Thorn 1 is the brainchild of Evgeny Zheyda from West Siberia. Ten years ago he started his project and on The Leave of Leaves he presents music that floats between post-rock, drone pop, slowcore and post-punk. That's a lot of genres, but these are the elements that characterize his music.
Opener and title track The Leave of Leaves is a long drawn out and introverted track which captivates until the end. The track sounds a bit dark and obscure. Lorca sounds more cheerful and playful because Zheyda introduces a melodic percussion instrument. I think it is a marimba.
Maybe it is due to the isolation in distant Siberia, but the sadness is present in nearly every song. Listen to Stun, a track that lasts for about ten minutes. The vocals by Zheyda are quiet, frugal and almost meditative. 14-40 is a cover and almost sounds as a singer-songwriter track. The Russian language adds an exotic touch to the atmosphere. Strings are used (synth), as in Minus Mercury, and they bring serene heat to the song. Don't think of strings as they are used in lavish and emotional pop songs.
Thorn 1 is a very pleasant surprise wit anh original and unique sound and strong compositions. Very nice!
~ Wim Guillemyn, Peek A Boo

Surfacing from Barnaul in Russia you will find the ambient-drone project of Evgeny Zheyda performing under the name Thorn1.
The music drifts around the room as though carried on thermal currents as Thorn1 unifies ambient electronica, shoegaze and drone into a fusion that delights the aural palate confirming that the physiology of interweaving senses is not a flight of fantasy.
The material reflects of both the Steppes of Siberia and the buttress of the Altai mountains as the compositions thread from wide open landscape to a sense of rugged envelopment with the thread of electronic expansion being shrouded in a dark forbearance which eclipses the unseen horizons.
Whilst, as regular readers will well know, I always enjoy music which rails against the status quo, I equally enjoy musicians who in their out-put reflect of their local geographia and I inevitably find those of Siberia, Northern Scandinavia and The Andes best capture the landscape which shaped their emotional development. It is no surprise, therefore, that Thorn1 is able to take the listener, from wherever they may live, to describe and transport them to the local surroundings of Barnaul.
~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands