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Rllrbll - Murwa Mbwa Murwa Mbwa
MP3 EP 2011 | Silber 109
5 track, 30 minutes
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A collection of out takes to prepare you for the release of Rllrbll's epic album for the year of our destruction 2012.
: Press release

: Digital booklet

Track Listing:
coffee with donnie
wah kitty
cesana remix by ONEWORD (ben gunn)

I don’t think I had the chance to write about one of my fav US bands – Rollerball, so this is a good chance to do so.
Rollerball are a trio from Portland, OR that has been playing for 14 years or so. Since I don’t live in the hood, whenever I talk about them to Americans, they are treated as a cult band, in the best sense of the word. A band that seems like it always been there and will be here for many years. Good.
They have released couple of amazing albums (Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause, Behind The Barber, Real Hair) next to ‘just great’ albums
and always kept the best and highest standards to their music. A strange and beautiful mixture of jazz, post punk, alternative and indie rock (what does it mean anyway?) and general weirdness.
It’s been a while since we’ve heard of new music coming from them, but the waiting is over – a new free d/l EP called Murwa Mbwa is available via their loyal label Silber Media, with five new tracks, outtakes from a future 2012 album.
The band had recently changed their name to Rllrbll and I guess they are now ready to take over the world and become incredibly rich.
~ Yair Yona, Small Town Romance

If RLLRBLL (AKA Rollerball) were a person, he or she would now be old enough to vote; in Portland band years, this means they are approximately 97 years old. Their staying power is due partly to flexibility in lineup—now a trio—as well as in sound. RLLRBLL's surprising hop-skipping among genres and insistence on experimentation over the years may also explain why they've stayed under the radar. Their latest, Murwa Mbwa, upholds their tradition of weird diversity. Over a slim five songs, RLLRBLL swing between the driving drum-and-bass post-rock of "Coffee with Donnie" to the melodic synthpop of "Wah Kitty." RLLRBLL's real secret is not their eccentricity but in the fact that even their most droney and unintelligible songs are beautiful, and the pop tracks are never quite like anything you've heard before.
~ Portland Mercury