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White Silber: A Cold Slow Xmas Various Artists
White Silber - A Cold Slow Xmas
MP3 compilation 2009 | Silber 080
25 tracks, 105 minutes
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What’s there to say about this compilation? Old friends & new friends doing mainly original compositions & mainly instrumental pieces. An artist roster of Aarktica, Small Cities, Charles Atlas, This Quiet Army, Electric Bird Noise, Lullabier, Bryce Eiman, Polar400, Miss Massive Snowflake, Gorgons, Origami Galaktika, Remora, Lozninger, Fornever, Moodring, Subscape Annex, Carta, Small Life Form, Zanzibar Snails, Moral Crayfish, Northern Valentine, Medit, & Yellow 6. So a solid representation from the Silber roster, the 919Noise scene, all our old friends, & some folks we’ve just met. I hope you dig it all & maybe find a new favorite band or two. Personally I’m pretty pleased at how it simultaneously goes all over the musical map & remains cohesive. Noise, beats, slowcore, found sounds, guitar walls, & occasionally things that could pass for rock & roll.

: Press Release

A free Christmas themed compilation featuring new material from the likes of Charles Atlas, This quietarmy, Yellow6 and Carta, along with a lot of other acts I’m unfamiliar with.  Yes please, indeed!
~ Phantomchannel

No sorry, it's not that kind of white Christmas which finds you singing along jingle bells and so on, - although, actually, that's the start point here, à la Frank Capra style, for this free download compilation, compiled by Silber rec.
And, You know what, Brian John Mitchell, running this record label, must think You've really been good this year, because, besides this tasty free sampler (featuring Yellow 6, Charles Atlas, Lozninger, Carta, Aarktica, Miss Massive Snowflake, just to cite a few), there are also other three MP3 releases for free download in this page.
Coming back to the label roster sampler, the line goes from slowcore to guitar and ambient Music, signals and noises to hypnotize your holidays spent lying on the ground, crushed by a Christmas tree, - from Small Cities' half-country heart-breaking song and Charles Atlas' burning midtempo, to the Xmas heavenly melody by This Quiet Army - ecstatic reverbered guitars -, Zanzibar Snails' enchanting mantra, - to end with a revisited version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, pretty lysergic, by Electric Bird Noise.
Enjoy Xmas with Silber. Ok, Xmas is over, but we're still in the right mood for this.
~ Komakino

Silber Media has long been a fine destination for ambient and experimental electronica, slowcore, avant pop, and, yes, holiday music. The imprint’s latest Christmas Compilation, White Silber: A Long Slow Xmas, is now available for free  download via The website also has several of Silber’s comps from holidays past. Among their Christmas-themed offerings, I’m particularly fond of Winterizing; there’s also a Halloween sampler.
In terms of digital distribution, Silber has been ahead of the industry for quite a while . Obviously, one hopes that many of those who sample the label’s compilation downloads will also support Silber by purchasing their releases. Two recent recordings of note are Aarktica’s In Sea and Vlor’s Six-Winged. The former combines ambient IDM with dronecore and includes an unorthodox cover: Danzig’s “Am I Demon?” The latter is Silber’s resident supergroup, featuring over a dozen of the imprint’s artists in an eclectic melange of indie rock, slowcore, and electronica.
~ Christian Carey, Sequenza 21

Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records sent me this Christmas compilation, chuck full of Silber artist doing winter and holiday songs. It was created by their intern for a school project. You can download the “White Silber: A Cold Slow Xmas” complication from I suggest that you listen to “The White Mountains” by Northern Valentine:
If you’re not aware Silber is known for artists that include alot of drones. Their motto on their website is “drone love honesty sound”.
~ Head Underwater