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Six Feet Below The Snow - a Christmas Compilation
Various ArtistsSix Feet Below the Snow - A Silber Christmas Compilation
MP3 Compilation 2011 | Silber 100
20 tracks, 84 minutes
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The holidays are back again.  It's 2011 & we have come baring gifts from the distant land of Silberia.  Gifts of noise & drone & pop & atmospheres to melt the snow above us.
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Track Listing:
Charles DeMar - Santa Don't Eat Smoke and Alcohol
Jon DeRosa - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Thorn1 - Fractal Trees
Landerim - Little Boy Crystal
Miss Massive Snowflake - Occupy Christmas
Goddakk - Too Many Christs, Not Enough Crosses
Origami Boe - euroKAlissimo (extended xmazz dance version)
Moodring - Silent Night
Remora - Teddy Bear
Pacific 231 - Crash Mist
Sibyll Kalff - rainbeat
Yellow6 - Piano Song 2
Lullabier - With a Star
Feel No Other - Toy Soldiers
Tony Whitlock - Bells in a Blizzard (take 3)
Les Marquises - Escaping From Zonraki
LÝzninger - The Snow Book
Electric Bird Noise - Raeb Yddet
Parties - Silber Office Xmas Parties
Drekka with Michael Demery Toran - O Holy Night

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Videos for individual songs:

Liner Notes:
Charles De Mar – “Santa Don't Eat Smoke & Alcohol”
     Copyright 2011 Charles DeMar
Jon DeRosa – “Midnight Clear

Lyrics written by Edmund H. Sears, Music written by Richard S. Willis. Arrangement by Charles Newman & Jon DeRosa.
     Produced by Charles Newman.
Thorn1 – “Fractal Trees”
Landerim – “Little Boy Crystal”
Miss Massive Snowflake – “Occupy Christmas”

Shane de Leon, Jeanne Kennedy Crosby, Andy Brown, Justin Cooper, & Cara Finlayson. Recorded at Alchemy Lab by Andy Brown.,
Goddakk – “Too Many Christs, Not Enough Crosses”
Origami Boe – “euroKAlissimo (extended xmazz dance version)”

Recorded @ EinstŁrzende Neubauten's studio (aka "the bunker", later Andere Baustelle), Berlin 2007.
Boe A22 (bass drum,bassfeder, lapsteel) with Andrew Unruh (hi-hat, bassfeder). Produced by Boris Wilsdorf.
From the forthcoming CD "Atlantis Of The North."
Moodring – “Silent Night”

moodring=mae+jesse+monte---captured at muddmakr in november 2011.
     written by Joseph Mohr, Franz Xaver Gruber, & John Freeman Young
Remora – “Teddy Bear”

Recorded at Brian Leah McKenzie’s Music Factory.  Inspired in equal parts by Luke 23:42 & Akira. C&P Amerse Music, BMI.
Pacific 231 – “Crash Mist”
Sibyll Kalff – “rainbeat”

sibyll kalff - vocals, donald lessau - tibetan soundbowls, joker nies - bass, thaigongs, & selfmade claydrums.
recorded & mixed by joker nies, bex studio cologne, early 90ies...
Yellow6 – “Piano Song 2”
Written and recorded live in rehearsal at Plane Ari Home Gigs, Wanquetin, France 26 Feb 2011

Lullabier – “With a Star”
     "With a Star" is a derivative work from "Tu scendi dalle stelle", a traditional Italian Xmas tune composed in 1754
      by Alfonso Maria de' Liguori. English lyrics and arrangement by Andrea Vascellari.
Feel No Other – “Toy Soldiers”
Tony Whitlock – “Bells in a Blizzard (take 3)”
     Live guitar improvisation recorded direct to two track at Cedar Street Studio.
Les Marquises – “Escaping From Zonraki”

     Recorded alone at home in November 2011.
     Inspired by the short story "Terra Incognita" written by Vladimir Nabokov.
LÝzninger – “The Snow Book”
     Written & recorded in the snow of the french Alps between 2010 & 2011, featuring Zoe LÝzninger.
Electric Bird Noise – “Raeb Yddet”
Parties – “Silber Office Xmas Parties”

Recorded live at the Silber Christmas 2011 Parties by Parties.
Thanks to Brian John Mitchell for brewing a great Winter Ale! (Santa is a Wizard.),
Drekka with Michael Demery Toran – “O Holy Night”

Conceived, recorded, & assembled by Michael Anderson & Michael Demery Toran, November 2011.
Drekka appears courtesy of Bluesanct.

It has been commented in previous years that I rarely include any Christmas records in the Festive Season and that's probably true. Not because there isn't any but more likely than not they're not very good to say the least. I mean there are only so many times you can listen to songs about snowmen, Reindeer and fat old men with white beards before you have to go and have a lay down until it's all over, or at least until someone cooks a nice roast turkey and fills your wine glass. The nice people at Silber Records however see things quite differently and have put together a Christmas compilation which is actually interesting. From the opening "Santa Don't Eat Smoke And Alcohol" by Charles DeMar through Moodring's disturbingly brutal version of "Silent Night" which has to be heard to be believed to moments of beauty from the likes of Yellow 6 and Lullibier.
This is a Christmas compilation fit to accompany any family occasion and if your Mum doesn't like it you can always turn the volume up!
~ Kris Waah, Burning World