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Kaiju Temple Kaiju Temple
MP3 compilation 2015 | Silber 189
18 tracks, 77 minutes
$5 (320 kbps, 306 megs, includes digital comic)
It was only natural that Joe Badon would make his Terra Kaiju comic. A story of love, sacrifice, & revenge inspired by the giant monster & samurai movies that Joe grew up on. It was also only natural that Silber would curate an experimental noise soundtrack for it.
Small Life Form, Chvad SB, Goddakk, IANTH, Clang Quartet, Dathon, Electric Bird Noise, Baptizer, Bryce Eiman, Emperor Sumo, M is We, Mhek, Blues Alias, Llarks, Promute, The Band That Wouldn't Die, Northern Valentine, Remora

: Press Release

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Track Listing:
Small Life Form - Sharpening Vengeance
Chvad SB - Mainland March
Goddakk - Daikaiju
IANTH - a sword in the cradle
Clang Quartet - Cast The Dragons Out! (Revelation 12:9)
Dathon - Until Tragedy...
Electric Bird Noise - neetfif
Baptizer - The Final Flight of the Demon
Bryce Eiman - Armor Around Empty
Emperor Sumo - Mothra's Theme
M is We - Feeding 1
Mhek - Mecha Godzilla Sentience
Blues Alias - Not Quite Organism
Llarks - throes
Promute - Opsada
The Band That Wouldn't Die - Monster Zero
Northern Valentine - sacrifice
Remora - Restless Slumber