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Silber Comics
matchbook comics
Mini-comics the size of a pack of matches with stories larger than life.

We've been doing pretty good with getting three issues out a month lately.  So this month we have the second installment of our new hit title Walrus (drawn by Jared Catherine) which gives a glimpse back at some of the tragedies that created the greatest bluesman the other side of the apocalypse.  We have another story about Robert E Howard in the speculative biography series about the man who created Conan, REH (drawn by Andrew White).  & we have another tear jerking story about the most emotionally monumental moments in a woman's life with Ultimate Lost Kisses (this time drawn by Dave Branstetter).  All three stories work fine as stand alone books if you haven't picked anything up from us before as well as working towards bigger things if you are familiar with our catalog.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you for stopping by & let you know that even if you can’t financially support my comics, supporting them by posting about it on Facebook or Twitter is also greatly appreciated.  My goal is to gain a total of 400 subscribers because that's the magic number where I can pay the artists drawing the books what I feel is a fair wage & if we pass that number I can give them even fairer wages.  The number sounds insane, but with your help, maybe we can make it happen.

Worth noting is that I have completed over ninety books & I will have made over 100 mini-comics once art for scripts already out with artists get back.  I'm really excited that there's been enough interest to encourage me to go this long, anyway, on with the story....

So I make these mini-comics the size of a pack of matches. So far there are ninety of them. From slice of life auto-bio (Lost Kisses, REH, UVDS) to Kafka-eque Lovecraftian conspiracies (Worms, Messenger, Pow Wow) to westerns (Just A Man) to horror (Monthly, Star, Marked, Mobil Zombie, Bottle Comics) to crime (Cops & Crooks, XO, Vigilant) to action spoof (XLK) to sci-fi action (Mecha, Built) to experimental comics (Poit, Small Art Series), I’m really proud to have touched on all these genres that I like & to have had the chance to collaborate with a ton of folks on them like Dave Sim (Cerebus), Nick Marino (Super Haters), Melissa Spence Gardner (Plink Comics), Kimberlee Traub (Dark Ink), Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn), Joe Badon (Odds and Ends), Jeremy Johnson, Kurt Dinse (One Year in Indiana), PB Kain (Mumblypeg), Andrew White (Sex Buzz), Eric Shonborn (Gutter Trash), Jason Strutz (The Order of Dagonet), Nate McDonough (Grixly), Ed Delaney (Peculiar Comics), Andrew Weathers, David Branstetter (Strawman), Jared Catherine, & more.

But of course like everyone I have a problem. The problem is these cute little books that are awesome as unique physical objects containing unique & innovative stories are hard to get in people’s hands. Which is why I am looking for your help. Maybe you’ve seen one or two of them somewhere over the years or maybe you’ve read a review before or maybe you are just hearing about them for the first time now, but here’s your chance to help me get them into your hands.  I've been getting out three books a month the past few months & in general the hold up is getting the art back from the folks drawing the comics & my hope is that by paying the artists more money & letting them know there is a demand for the work that I can get them more excited & get books out faster.  So help me see what we can make happen..

Also I suppose it is worth mentioning that in 2012 I got a month long residency at Cyberpunk Apocalypse House working on my comics & I got a third place for a SPACE prize a couple years & a while back I got a grant for my comics from the United Arts Council in North Carolina.

Thanks for your interest & support.

Here are some reviews of the books....

If you are in the market for something a lot different, something imminently portable, and something that you can read in class or a meeting without getting caught then these mini-comics are worth a look.
~ Tonya Crawford, Broken Frontier

The more I read of Mitchell’s minicomics, the more impressed I am. He has excellent command of the format - he understands what he can and can’t do, and he plays to its strengths. The stories are lean and mean, no filler, and even though the issues don’t take long to read, I find myself going back to particular issues for multiple reads.
~ Brian LeTendre, Secret Identity Podcast

It’s hard to go wrong with any of Mitchell’s minis. They’re action-packed and filled with unexpected twists. Just choose your favorite genre and dive in. $1 each from Silber Media Comics.
~ Midnight Fiction

My thoughts about Silber Media Comics, if the Mayan Prophesy of 2012 is correct and the world is coming to an end, I wouldn’t mind having some of these comics in my back pack, for my last reading enjoyment!
~ Paul Dale Roberts, Jazma Online!

For comics that are only as big as a Goliath’s thumb, I’m giving these two thumbs up!
~ Katie Riley, Comic Related

All in all, I’d say Silber Media, Brian John Mitchell & friends are putting out fair to high quality comics that are easily worth their humble cover price, especially considering the challenge of conveying emotion and hooking the reader with such a limited medium. I’d say these treats from our neighbours to the south are worth every penny!
~ Where Monsters Dwell

Small things are great, mini things are even better.
~ Maximum Rock & Roll

Brian John Mitchell specialises in mini comics so small that they’re probably best described as micro-comics. I’ve seen many small press creators supplement their traditional DIY output with a few super-tiny publishing experiments over the last few years, but Mitchell really takes this practice to the next level by exclusively focusing on these matchbox-sized books. Working as writer only, he enlists the help of a wide variety of artistic collaborators to illustrate his work, from unknowns to even Dave Sim of Cerebus fame. Featuring avenging cowboys, giant worms, gory gang land killings, post-apocalyptic wastelands and demon fighting, it seems like all weird and wonderful things come in small packages.
Ironically, considering their diminutive size, the content of these comics is almost always epic in scope. As you might be able to guess from the list of features above, there’s an extensive focus on loud-and-proud genre work, with pop-culture staples like Sci Fi, Fantasy and even Western, prominently used in his work. The advantage of this is that the stories have an efficient, boiled-down quality to them; providing the reader has some understanding the genres they are channeling. Some work, some don’t, but all have a certain charm to them; tiny creative perspectives that gradually form a larger picture of Mitchell’s overall style.
~ Martin Steenton, Avoid the Future

The drier the humor and blander the situation, the more interesting Mitchell’s comics tend to be... one can get a quick sense of what Mitchell does best, along with an understanding of Mitchell’s unusual voice as a writer.
~ Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

I can’t help but want to watch more as Mitchell examines his own uncomfortable thoughts and feelings with brutal honesty.
~ Nick Marino, Nasty Musings

When comic writer Brian John Mitchell describes his series of comics as minis the size of a matchbook, he’s not kidding. Individually wrapped in little plastic baggies and bound by two teeny staples in their spines, they’re two inches in height and width. And you don’t need a magnifying glass to read them, which makes them instantly awesome.
~ Amy Greenwood, Broken Pencil

These minuscule mini-comics are adorably sized. The cute factor ends there, however. Inside it’s sci-fi dread and hard-core issues of hate, guilt, and anger. I love that each mini is barely larger than a postage stamp. And it’s also nice that they come in snug, clear plastic sleeves. Brian gets an A for packaging.
~ Shawn Hoke, Size Matters

Oh my gosh! These comics are as big as a truck!
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All 90+ of our mini-comics mailed to you, physical copies of our next twenty mini-comics mailed to you, PDF digital subscription to our next twenty mini-comics, & the ten first issues PDF bundle.

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Subscription throughout 2014