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Fathers - Balancing Family & Art Fathers: Balancing Family & Art
610 pages (available as PDF, Mobi, or EPUB)
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Interviews with over 100 musician, cartoonist, & artistic dads about balancing family life & art including:
Alan Sparhawk of Low; Colin Newman of Wire; Martin Bowes of Attrition; Andrew Ratfink Wilson of Alien Sex Fiend; Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance; Phil Dole of Chord, X-Bax, & Dots; Philip B. Klingler of PBK; Fred Frith of Henry Cow; Scott Cortez of lovesliescrushing & astrobrite; Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl & Projekt Records; Chris Olley of Six by Seven, Twelve, & Fuck Me USA; Benjy Johnson of Benjomatic; William Amundson of Change in Tymes; Josh Howard creator of Dead@17; Aaron Molina of If Thousands; D.A. Sebasstian of Kill Switch...Klick & The Inner Demons; Shane Sauers of Miss Massive Snowflake; Rune Flaten of Origami Arktika; Tore Boe of Origami Republika; Timothy Renner of Stone Breath, Dark Holler, & Hand/Eye; Patrick Ogl of Thanatos; Mats Gustafsson of The Broken Face; Jason Wallach of The Unquiet Void; Chris Wade of The Wades; Nevada Hill of The Zanzibar Snails; Wayne Barnes of Tom Dooley & the Lovelights; Dan Sostrom of Tonevendor & Clairecords; Joe Kendrick of WNCW; Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton; Shaun Sandor of Promute & Bicameral Mind; Chris Bonner of THe BAcksliders; Matthew Kendall of Rogue Motel; Bevan Hurd of The Very Foundation; Michael Jarmer of Here Comes Everybody; Chris Williams of Maple Stave; Brian John Mitchell of Remora; Kyle Monday of Carta; Bill Tollner of Amadan; Sacha Galvagna of Carta; Robert Brown of Northern Valentine; Benjamin LÝzninger of LÝzninger; Chad Darkwait of X-Ray Vision & Thrill of a Gunfight; Corbie Hill of Alpha Cop & Battle Rockets; Bret Harold Hart of PorcuPie; Nick Fishman of The Nick Fishman Blues Band; Wayne Horvitz; Kamal Sabran of Space Gambus Experiment; Jon Attwood of Yellow6; Bob Corby of Back Porch Comics & SPACE; Victor Couwenbergh creator of Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz; Gabriel Dunston creator of Purgatory Pub; John Steventon creator of HappyGlyphs Comics; Jeremy Whitley author of Princeless & My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; JM Hunter creator of Note 2 Self & BAM!; David Branstetter creator of Straw Man & Winter of ‘89; Joe Badon creator of Terra Kaiju & Memoirs of the Mysterious; Joe Chiappetta creator of Silly Daddy; Jason Strutz creator of The House of Montresor & DeathCurse; Ayal Pinkus; Aaron Snow of Landing, Surface of Eceon, & Paper; Nyles Lannon of Sacred Caves; Philippe Petit of Strings Of Consciousness; Ryan Sollee of The Builders & The Butchers; Jim Baptizer of Baptizer; Jamie Barnes; Daniel Prendiville; Doug Burr; Jim Marcus; Alex Boniwell of Inebrious Bastard & Leech Woman; Charles Hoffman of Fetal Pig, Why Make Clocks, & Distant Trains; Dave Sims of The Lonelies; Dan Beckman of Village of Spaces & Impractical Cockpit; Scott Berrier of Powercloud; James Zahn of Saturday Action Theatre & The Rock Father; Jason Ward of Irata; Khristian Weeks; Don Campau; Eugene Chadbourne; Kurt Dinse creator of One Year in Indiana; Justin Bieler of I Had An Accident Records; Max Dowdle creator of Shattered With Curve of Horn & Greasemonkey; Christian Daly of The Judge; Dave Desmelik; Brandon W Pittman of when the word was (((sound))); Mike Dawson creator of Troop 142 & Angie Bongiolatti; Kris Lachowskicreator of The Mean Goat & Euni the Unicorn; Shawn Atkins creator of Explorers of the Unknown & Gello Apocalypse; Daniel Cooney creator of The Tommy Gun Dolls &The Atomic Yeti; Adam Black creator of Locus: Godslayer, Silk & Honey, Locus, & KISS 4K; Brendan Boughen creator of Cartoons by Jim; Xavier Dubois of Ultraphallus & KAAPSHLJMURSLIS; Will Dodson of Arbus & Charles DeMar; Benjamin Fair of Ex-Easter Island Head; Michael Bracco creator of The Creators, Novo, & Adam Wreck; Phil Sloan creator of Dead Horse; Chris Brokaw of The Lemonheads & The New Year; Tim Hinely of Dagger; Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover; & more.