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Five songs in five minutes
Tony Whitlock - Secret Keepers Tony Whitlock - Secret Keepers
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 144
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Tony Whitlock joins Silber with a drone soundtrack to an unmade film.

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Track Listing:
Eleven A
Eleven B

Tony Whitlock brings the listener on an eerie trip with ‘Secret Keepers’. Bordering on pure industrial mood music akin to Eraserhead’s soundtrack it lacks any proper definition. Listening to it is rather unsettling. However the EP works on a soundtrack level. Remaining so amorphous is one of its greatest attributes. Aural sounds melt into each other. Determining where the track is going becomes quite difficult. Evolution happens so strangely. Often it is impossible to determine what is happening within the track as background noise interference occurs on a regular basis further obscuring the intention.
‘Eleven A’ starts off with what sounds like a Theremin. Whether it is or not is difficult to tell. An organ drone wavers back and forth to give the sound additional heft. ‘Three’ is harder to pin down. Here there is nothing that specifically stands out. Rather it becomes a sea of sound but never really cresting. Deep beneath it there is a heart but it is impossible to fully comprehend. By ‘Ten’ things get very disturbing. On ‘Ten’ there is nothing more than an industrial churn a black hole of sound where no light can escape.
‘One’ changes the mood dramatically. It is the brightest piece of the bunch. Sunny without being saccharine it is relief from the darkness that surrounds it all over. For this song though it too must succumb to darker forces, as it does towards the end while it is slowly dissolved away.  ‘Eleven B’ is the finale closing it with a proper sense of weirdness. Overall this is quite a trip through darker sonic impulses.
~ Beach Sloth