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Five songs in five minutes
Kirchenkampf - The Body Electric Kirchenkampf - The Body Electric
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 184
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Kirchenkampf has been making experimental & electronic music for nearly 30 years.  We're pleased to present a five minute exploation into space & body transference.

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Track Listing:

Masquerading under his Kirchenkampf guise, Cohort Records head honcho John Gore has been peppering the turntables and headphones of the electronic loving cognoscenti of the underground for some 30 years now. The arrival of the 5 track suite The Body Electric sees him finally forging links with long standing friends Silber to craft something that for the best part appear to explore the largely untapped and unchartered inner space worlds of sounds expansive spectrum with opening ambit ‘EEG’ and ‘electroreceptor’ caressed in a sparsely weaved hallucinogenic wooziness that imagines an as yet unmade cult sci-fi montage sonically signed by Bebe and Louis Barron. ‘tms’ traverses darker territories ghosted eerily in binary whispers and technoid pulsars leaving ‘galvani’ hushed and haloed as though lost distress calls transmitted from long since departed civilisations at the far echelons of the galactic heavens.
~ Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience

US project KIRCHENKAMPF is the creative vehicle of composer and musician John Gore, who has been an active creator and purveyor of electronic music since the second half of the 1980’s. “The Body Electric” is a 5 track, 5 minutes long EP, and was released through US label Silber Records as part of their ongoing experimental series of 5×5 EPs.
Cosmic sounds and the desolation of outer space are the main associations this EP brings to mind. Contrasting dark and light layers of sounds, the former generally warm and organic and the latter mostly cold and distant, flavored by sound effects of various kinds to create distinct landscapes particular to each of the landscapes explored. From vast arrangements giving a lost in space impression to robotic chittering sounds and machinelike drones. And in one instance backed by a gently hammering electronic percussion arrangement that for me reminds ever so slightly about some of Hawkwind’s excursions in the electronic oriented realm.
As with most productions that comes courtesy of Silber Records this is material far removed from what one might describe as mainstream, but those with a fascination for music and soundscapes of the cosmic and deep space oriented variety, this is an EP that should be worth a check.
~ Olav Martin Bjørnsen, House of Prog

Whether or not it’s the soul of wit, brevity does often compel an artist to pare down to essentials. Thus it is with these four new releases from Silber Records’ 5 in 5 series of EPs, each of which contains five tracks totaling five minutes. As it happens, the twenty tracks collectively represent twenty different ways to set one minute in sound.
The five pieces on The Body Electric by Kirchenkampf (electronic musician John Gore) manage to cover a rolling terrain in five short strides. From the foreboding electronic wash of the opening EEG through the closing Galvani, which brings to mind a shortwave receiver tuned between stations, Gore develops a musical rhetoric of metallic timbres rooted in pulse and periodicity that undulates at variable speeds.
~ Avant Music News