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Five songs in five minutes
Feel No Other - Five Minute EP Feel No Other - Five Minute EP
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 135
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Part Electric Bird Noise & part Exhaust the Fox, Feel No Other makes unique & epic super-short songs.

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Track Listing:
svnoyi edohi
march towards the west
march towards the east
pan's shadow
toy soldiers


Feel No Other stuffs ‘Five Minute EP’ full of whatever it can find. Taking an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ works wonders within the short playing time. What results is an EP that doesn’t feel that way. The resulting weirdness that ensues lends itself to greater picture. In a way this absolutely bizarre structure of the EP feels epic in scale. Like rather than getting the full picture the snippet, the song suggests that this is only one fragment of something much larger and unknowable.
‘svnoyi edohi’ begins the EP off on a drunken stumbling rhythm. The singing reinforces this idea of a song trying to get its act together yet failing. Little attempts at melody feel totally broken. By the end the rest of the instruments introduce themselves trying to make sense of all of it. ‘march towards the west’ takes a poppy approach complete with banjo. Here the melody is decipherable. In fact it is one of the warmest tracks on the EP. Acoustic instrumentation, the vocalist sounding together, everything works on this highlight. ‘march towards the east’ takes a purely instrumental approach remaining the only song without the vocalist. On the other hand ‘pan's shadow’ is nearly silent. Only the vocalist exists along a strange rhythmic device (which ends up being a cuckoo clock).
‘toy soldiers’ ends off the EP on a dramatic tone. There’s a whimsical approach for this song which is a fine ending for a fine EP.
~ Beach Sloth

Feel No Other is a unique collaboration between Claudia Gregory of Exhaust the Fox and Brian Lea McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise. The duo recently took part in Silber Records unique project — the 5 in 5 EP Project. The bands enlisted in the project have to create a fully fleshed out 5 song EP in 5 minutes.
“March Towards The West” is the first single off Feel No Other’s EP in the series, and as a song it’s incredibly cinematic — it kind of feels as though it should be in the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino film. in other words it’s gorgeous but has a subtle layer of grit and grime that float on the surface.
~ William Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement