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Five songs in five minutes
Dusty Tears - Internet Hits Dusty Tears - Internet Hits
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 221
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Shane de Leon (Miss Massive Snowflake) is back to Silber with his long time friend Jamie Smith (Danghead) & together they are Dusty Tears. Recorded by Smith when de Leon was on a tour stop for Miss Massive Snowflake, Internet Hits really captures one of the great things the 5 in 5 series can do. You have an afternoon of downtime as a musician on tour? Hang out with a pal & make something. Part punk, part lo-fi pop, & part experimental streams of consciousness, this pretty much captures how a mind works after long drives, sleeping in the van, & living the rock & roll daydream.

: Press Release
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Track Listing:
Turning Seventeen
The Cobra Den
Cockblocked by Spotify
Gluten Free
Gold Chains and Acne

The overdue return of Silber Media’s 5-in-5 series, where a band cram 5 pieces into a total running time of 5 minutes or less, is a strong bit of post-rock-n-roll from Shane De Leon and Jamie Smith, experimenting with some succinct little ideas that, rather than being half-baked demos, are well-rounded self-contained pieces with hints of Henry Rollins or surf-rock blended with some electronic elements and an energetic sense of experimentation.
The two biggest pieces are “The Cobra Den” and “Gold Chains And Acne” that are expert demonstrations of how a pop song can be fully rounded without needing to hit the obligatory three minute mark. “Cockblocked By Spotify” is a fun little trip-hop ditty. Opener “Turning Seventeen” is an odd juxtaposition of guitar solo and languid, strangely They Might Be Giants-like vocal. “Gluten Free” is nothing more than a groove loop.
By the account of the press release this was quickly chopped together in some tourbus downtime, but you can’t tell. It’s one of the strongest 5-in-5s so far, and a great advert for both the band and the series.
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K.

Our friends at North Carolina's Silber Records are back with some new entries in their 5in5 series, where artists do 5 songs in 5 minutes. Internet Hits the the new one from Dusty Tears, aka a project of Shane De Leon (Miss Massive Snowflake) and Jamie Smith (Danghead). The  music wrought in 5 minutes is a testament to all that is good and righteous in rock music since its beginning of time. Turn it up loud and annoy a neighbor.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Dusty Tears appears as a stylistic chameleon on the strange and disorienting “Internet Hits”. In some ways, their lyricism has the same urgency and commentary as the Moldy Peaches by letting the smallest moment of a life take up an entire song. Everything is included within this sound, from singer-songwriting to indie rock to noise to hip-hop, all done with the greatest of ease. It is a testament to their flexibility how they can wrap these pieces in a fantastic lo-fi sheen, which adds to the overall power of the pieces.
Channeling a little of the Royal Trux is the manic opener of “Turning Seventeen”. After a little guitar madness, the song settles down into a groove before dissolving away into nothingness. Like a reimagined highly skewed view of late the Strokes, the song veers with a wild unpredictability. Passion pours out of the vocals as the lyrics are sung with a sense of uninhibited freedom. Quite humorous in nature is the playful “Cockblocked by Spotify”. Nicely referencing the importance of one’s astrological sign in their decision making the piece is such a blast. Just a little rush of a groove is the giddy “Gluten Free”. Easily the highlight of the collection is the spacious jam of “Gold Chains and Acne”. Allowed to be as free as it wants to be, the guitars ring out, guided only by a reluctant groove.
On “Internet Hits” Dusty Tears delves into a unique world, one whose fractured sensibilities work to all their strengths.
~ Beach Sloth