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Five songs in five minutes
Dan West - Expression Compression Dan West - Expression Compression
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 142
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Dan West came to us through his collaborations with Azalia Snail under the name LoveyDove. On Expression Compression he combines 1980s noise rock with Sun Ra styled jazz.

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Track Listing:
Foot Loose And Fancy Free
Stupid Jerk
It's Life
The World Has Ended Parts 1 and 2
Dan West’s ‘Expression Compression’ is a joyous mess. The songs are long gone. Pieces are out of control. Noise is a large chunk of it. Loopy constructions on here are reminiscent of Royal Trux at their most crazed. Yes things are that unhinged. Melodies do actually exist, just barely able to cling onto the pseudo structure that holds these pieces together. Skronk is the best definition of this kind of sound. Rhythm exists as an afterthought. Less of an actual way of framing pieces the rhythm works more as an accent to the general cacophony.
‘Foot Loose And Fancy Free’ tries its luck at being one a full-fledged song. Yes there are all the instruments necessary. Some of them try to bring together forms of predictability. Very quickly that hope is dashed as the drums collapse into themselves. The guitar loses its mind quite clearly. It is a fun track. ‘Stupid Jerk’ is considerably more accessible though it rushes by too quickly to explore the madness of the previous track. For ‘It’s Life’ things are pretty messed up, with a piano that is severely tortured. ‘Ay’ possesses a near noir ambiance about it. There are no words whatsoever.
‘The World Has Ended Parts 1 and 2’ ends the EP off in epic style. Guitars try to find themselves, failing miserably. On here every facet of ‘lo-fi’ is fully celebrated. Dan West appears to have an absolute blast with his sonic freedom on ‘Expression Compression’.
~ Beach Sloth