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Silber Records Established 1996
15 Year Anniversary Showcase
April 2, 2011 @ 7pm
The Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC

Back in 1996 we put out our first release (alleviation) after a year & a half of working on QRD.  Its been a long time since weve done any major Silber event (a couple in
Whitesburg, KY (featuring the likes of Jamie Barnes, Clang Quartet, Electric Bird Noise, Remora, & Peter Aldrich) in 2002 & 2005 & a string of shows in the northeast with
Clang Quartet, Remora, Aarktica, & Electric Bird Noise in 2003.  Notably none of these shows have been in North Carolina where Silber is headquartered.  So with an excuse in hand, we are having our 15 year anniversary show at The Nightlight (the music venue that has always supported us) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  We will have live performances by Aarktica, Small Life Form, Electric Bird Noise, Irata, Hotel Hotel, The Wet Teens, Northern Valentine, Remora, Peter Aldrich, Clang Quartet, slicnaton, & Weather Machine along with video appearances (technology permitting) from Azalia Snail, Rivulets, Thorn1, & Sarah June.  Its going to be a big show for us with music starting at 7pm.  There will be cupcakes & balloons in limited supply & who knows what other goodies.  Oh, & did I mention its free entry?  If you want to donate money or buy some music to support us, of course you can.  Well be updating this site occasionally to give you more info about whats going on.

Anyone & everyone is encouraged to bring cameras to help document the event.

Streaming will be below.
Here's the performace times:
Small Life Form - 7:15
slicnaton - 8:15
Peter Aldrich - 8:45
Remora - 9:15
Electric Bird Noise - 9:45
Clang Quartet - 10:15
Weather Machine - 10:45
Aarktica - 11:15
Northern Valentine - 11:45
Irata - 12:15
Hotel Hotel - 12:45
The Wet Teens - 1:15

Here is a high quality PDF of the flyers if youd like to spread the word.
Here are the flyers to look at.

Here are the livestreams when the time comes. We're hoping to have at least two different cameras going most of the time. You may want to mute all but one of the audio channels.