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QRD #36 - Valentine's Special - February 2008
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Valentine's Interview with Dramady
February 2008

Dramady is Zacery Stanley & Amanda Mason Wiles.  They were previously in Six Foot Sloth together & formed there own project as that project ended.

QRD – How do you turn music mode on & off in your relationship with each other?  Or do you find yourself pretty constantly collaborating on music even if it’s songs about cooking?

Zac – The music talk only happens when we’re in the basement.  Seriously.  We’re pretty normal.

QRD – How has your music changed by having someone you’re romantically involved with working with you?

Zac – It’s way better.  It’s more mysterious.  Are you singing about me?  Probably not.  This song looks like you, nooo you look like this song.

QRD – How do you keep things professional rather than getting personal in the band?  Like not letting being upset that someone’s not doing their house chores spill into band practice?

Zac – Uh… Drugs help.  Although everything still somehow stays personal. 

QRD – Do you think working musically together increases the strength of your relationship?

Zac – Without a doubt.  I think all couples have to have ways to bond, & being a rock star is cool.  Dude.  Yeah!

QRD – Do you think the music ever suffers because of your relationship?

Zac – Yeeeeeeeah.  Only specifically in this way: maybe we suck cuz maybe we don’t get enough practicing done, because maybe we just want to lay in bed & maybe “watch movies” & such.

QRD – Being in a romantic couple, do you try to curb lyrical content to or away from things in your relationship?

Zac – Well, a lot of the time my lyrics are confusing & sarcastic, so it’s hard for the listener to tell; but I always somehow manage to curb lyrics toward relationship things.

QRD – A lot of families kind of look down on musicians as immature, do you find that going out with another musician has eased relationships with your parents or in-laws?

Zac – Yeah, it really puts my reality more into focus for my parents.  (Yes, I’m now even more obviously going to play music for the rest of my life.  Sorry.) 

QRD – Which came first the musical collaboration or the relationship & do you feel that at this point that you could have one without the other?

Zac – That’s a hard one.  We were in a band together, dating other people.  Shit went down, we hooked up, band broke up, Dramady happened.  No, we could not have one without the other.  That would be a pointless struggle.  I think.

QRD – How do things work with band members besides the two of you to get the same level of connectivity while playing your music?

Zac – I never get the same level of connectivity with others.  Ever. 

QRD – Do you find music related gifts to be romantic or more like giving someone an appliance?

Zac – I think it’s romantic.  Yes.  Guitar amps & microphones are tools to help a person express passion.  Awww, that’s cute.

QRD – The musician life style has an inherent lack of financial security & healthcare.  Do you find yourself thinking, “How can we start a family & continue our musical careers?”

Zac – Yeah, I totally suck.  We need to be discovered.  I would love to make music my job.  Sheesh.  & we already have our little family.  (Ben the old man cat, Maggie sweet kitten, & Bella the beast dog)

QRD – Do you ever switch off instruments to give each other ideas?

Zac – No, I’m locked in my zone, man.  The drum cage. 

QRD – A lot of people say they feel most spiritually connected to another person is when they’re on stage & the set is working.  Is this what you find & how does this energy flow into your romantic relationship?

Zac – Maybe not the most spiritually connected, but up there indeed.  Yeah, you know, it’s something to talk about before we fall asleep.  We’re proud of each other.

QRD – Some couples start to get seen as a unit with one member as dominant.  Do you ever want to get one of you more recognition?

Zac – I think that being equal is one of the charming things about our band.  We’re both multitasking & making the song happen equally.  Hooooft.  I think we are both equally dominant, but I want Amanda to sing more. 

QRD – Do you feel a need to have separate projects where you just work on your own?

Zac – YES.  Zacery Stanley solo album “Make Time” self released Jan 08.  Yeeeah.  & I am the new drummer for Miss Massive Snowflake.

QRD – Musicians often run into fans with crushes, is there a secret to recognizing when something is getting inappropriate instead of being band promoting?

Zac – Trust your lover.  Promote your band. 

QRD – Any advice for other musician couples?

Zac – Don’t stop believing.  Hang on to that feeling.  I’m serious.  Oh, & be in another band without your lover too.  That’s the magic balance.