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QRD #36 - Valentine's Special - February 2008
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Valentine's Interview with The Backsliders
February 2008

The Backsliders are blues band based in Texas.

QRD – How do you turn music mode on & off in your relationship with each other?  Or do you find yourself pretty constantly collaborating on music even if it’s songs about cooking? 

Kim – We don’t & we’ve never written about cooking... yet.

Chris – We collaborate in all aspects of our life, there is no line between the personal & the musical.

QRD – How has your music changed by having someone you’re romantically involved with working with you? 

Kim – The object knows who he is.

Chris – It is the best thing that happened to me.  I mean, talk about having things in common.

QRD – How do you keep things professional rather than getting personal in the band?  Like not letting being upset that someone’s not doing their house chores spill into band practice?

Kim – We are not professional & the band must put up with the fact that I do not do housework.

Chris – My wife does not do housework because she is hot.

QRD – Do you think working musically together increases the strength of your relationship?

Kim – Yes.

Chris – It sure makes for a lot of togetherness.

QRD – Do you think the music ever suffers because of your relationship? 

Kim – Nope.

Chris – How could it?  We write & rehearse together constantly.

QRD – Being in a romantic couple, do you try to curb lyrical content to or away from things in your relationship?

Kim – To.

Chris – There is no separation between our art & our life.

QRD – A lot of families kind of look down on musicians as immature, do you find that going out with another musician has eased relationships with your parents or in-laws? 

Kim – It’s up to them - they don’t really have a choice.

Chris – Our families gave up on any dream of us quitting music a long time ago.

QRD – Which came first the musical collaboration or the relationship & do you feel that at this point that you could have one without the other? 

Kim – We met in a band so music was first & no.

Chris – We met playing music & I don’t think I could live without either now.

QRD – How do things work with band members besides the two of you to get the same level of connectivity while playing your music? 

Kim – Work with good players.

Chris – I think they do, we respect certain boundaries.  No french kissing or fist fights at rehearsal.

QRD – Do you find music related gifts to be romantic or more like giving someone an appliance? 

Kim – Both.

Chris – The most romantic gift is the gift of song.  I wrote the lyrics for “Wedding Day” from our new album as a proclamation of my love for her.  Everybody is a sucker for that shit.

QRD – The musician life style has an inherent lack of financial security & healthcare.  Do you find yourself thinking, “How can we start a family & continue our musical careers?” 

Kim – We’ll find a way.

Chris – We already have three kids so it is a little late for that.

QRD – Do you ever switch off instruments to give each other ideas? 

Kim – No.

Chris – No.

QRD – A lot of people say they feel most spiritually connected to another person is when they’re on stage & the set is working.  Is this what you find & how does this energy flow into your romantic relationship? 

Kim – Good show, good night.  Bad show, oh well.…

Chris – Yeah, a good show makes us hot, is that what you wanted to hear?  A bad show gets a little Sid & Nancy.

QRD – Some couples start to get seen as a unit with one member as dominant.  Do you ever want to get one of you more recognition? 

Kim – Chris is dominant so I stand center stage.

Chris – Kim is the star.

QRD – Do you feel a need to have separate projects where you just work on your own? 

Kim – No.

Chris – No.

QRD – Musicians often run into fans with crushes, is their a secret to recognizing when something is getting inappropriate instead of being band promoting? 

Kim – It’s no secret.  So far, no problems.

Chris – I assume every one who talks to her wants to try & fuck her, but I trust my wife & give her space.

QRD – Any advice for other musician couples? 

Kim – Hell no - good luck!

Chris – Keep it pro, get a good sitter, & keep it clean.

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