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QRD #72 - Striving On
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Comic Creator Interview with Casey Brillon of Crusty Comics
April 2015
Casey Brillon of Crusty ComicsCasey Brillon of Crusty ComicsCasey Brillon of Crusty Comics
Name: Casey Brillon
City: Oceanside, CA
Comics: Crusty Comics
Websites: crustycomics.com

QRD – How old were you when you first got into comics & did you always stick with them or did you come back to them?

Casey – When I was four my mom & dad got me a subscription of The Amazing Spider-Man. Unfortunately none of those comics survived my childhood, but my love for comics did.

QRD – What was the first comic book you ever bought?

Casey – Punisher #8. At a small comic show at a community center, in my hometown.

QRD – How old were you when you put out your first comic?

Casey – 34.

QRD – What decade do you think produced the best comics?

Casey – The late 80s early 90s had some pretty cool stuff.

QRD – Why comics instead of just writing or drawing?

Casey – I love telling stories with art & comics is just what works for me.

QRD – Do you see mini-comics & indie comics as paths to mainstream comics or as their own unique media?

Casey – I see them as there own unique media. I can do things in my stories that just don’t jive with the likes of mainstream comics. I find it comforting that they are so different.

QRD – How many copies of your comic do you print in your first run?

Casey – 250.

QRD – How much do you think comics should cost?

Casey – If it’s a handmade full-color 32 page book, I think it’s worth $5. Black & white with less pages should range from $4 down to $2. I don’t believe the reader should take the hit for expensive printing costs, but the artist has no choice, most of the time.

QRD – How many books do you produce a year & how many would you like to?

Casey – About 1 book a year. I’m way too busy with being a husband, a father, & working full time to pump out any more than that.

QRD – Do you think stories should be serialized or delivered as complete works?

Casey – I dig complete works. For example I enjoy the shit out of Saga, so I buy them by the volume.

QRD – How are comic strips different than comic books & which medium do you prefer?

Casey – Comic strips can seem simple, but I feel they can be more difficult that a comic book. It’s a little difficult delivering every time, but with a comic book you can tell a story without frame limitations.

QRD – How long is it from when you start a comic until it’s printed?

Casey – My comic books take me about 8 months, but I’m slowly getting more efficient so I hope to shave that down.

QRD – What do you do better with your comics now than when you first started?

Casey – Everything. The art is better, the planning, the content, the characters. It’s evolving every moment.

QRD – Do you do thumbnails?

Casey – Yep. & I save them to help when I’m jammed up on a new project.

QRD – What kind of pens do you use?

Casey – If I have the time I use pen nibs & brushes with India ink. Other wise I use micron pens.

QRD – What does your workstation look like?

Casey – Pretty clean & organized at the beginning of a project. Completely trashed by the end. Before each project I have to clean & dust everything on the drawing table.

QRD – At what point in the artistic process do you work digitally?

Casey – I scan after I’ve inked the pages. I then use Photoshop for small changes. I use Illustrator to create the digital PDF for Comixology.

QRD – Do you prefer working in color or black & white?

Casey – Black & white.

QRD – How do you find collaborators?

Casey – Instagram.

QRD – Do you think it’s important to have a full story arc completely written before starting to draw?

Casey – Yes. It can get nasty trying to add pages or panels in later. It can change the whole layout when it’s time to print.

QRD – What do your friends & family think of your comics?

Casey – They’re hit or miss. Some people don’t get my sense of humor, so they pass on my comics. Others can’t get enough.

QRD – What conventions do you try to attend & why?

Casey – I prefer the zine fest’s over comic cons.