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QRD #72 - Striving On
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to QRD #72.

I had no idea this issue was going to end up this massive.  21 interviews going across all the interview series I’ve been doing these past 5 years or so – label owners, comic creators, comic shop owners, a guitarist, & even a Christian noise musician interview.  A lot of the label owner interviews are a little shorter than you might be used to because they are updates to folks that took part in the series a couple of years ago.  I’m really happy with the diversity of this issue.  Also this issue I did a phone interview (okay, technically Skype) for the first time in years.  You can probably tell which one if you pay attention.

Next issue I’m going to be doing another installment of the artist dad series about balancing life & art (debating if I should dedicate the time to making an ebook collecting those interviews, the low response to the guitarist one has kinda made me question if it is worth it).  Then finally launching the touring musician series that I have been stalling to launch for a couple of years.

Thank you all for your interest & support & spread the word about your favorite interviews this issue if you can.

Brian John Mitchell

Label Owner Interviews:
Ben Link Collins of Silent Media Projects
Keith Jones of Fruits de Mer, Regal Crabomphone, & Friends of the Fish
Alastair Mabon of At War With False Noise
Steve Dewhurst of J&C Tapes
Richo Johnson of Fourth Dimension Records & Lumberton Trading Company
Jeff Cloud of Velvet Blue Music
Sam Rosenthal of Projekt Records
Mike Keirsbilck of Consouling Sounds
Renzo of Felmay Records
Chris Jeely of Lathelight Ltd
Michael J Collins of FilthyBroke Recordings
Andrea Vascellari of ViVeriVive & VeniVersus
Bryan Day of Public Eyesore & Eh?
Guitarist Interview:
Christian Berends of Lend Me Your Underbelly
Comic Creator Interviews:
Casey Brillon of Crusty Comics
Ayal Pinkus
Max de Radiguès of Rough Age & Moose
Comic Shop Owner Interviews:
Justin Adcock of Bombshell Comics
Jesse James of Jesse James Comics
Mike Giacoia of October Country Comics
Christian Musician Interview:
Jim Baptizer of Baptizer