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Unquiet Void interview May 2nd, 1997

Unquiet Void is probably best known for several compilation appearances including one with a collaboration with Lycia.  Unquiet Void is dark ambient stuff.  also present at the interview was Tara of Lycia.

QRD – are you still planning to release stuff on your own label & what are the benefits or problems with that?

Jason – yes & the benefit is I can have complete & utter control over it.  the problem is I'm trying to figure out how feasible it really is at the moment.

QRD – what crowd of people do you think would be the most accepting of your music?

Jason – I'm not sure.  I'd certainly like to stray away from the gothic industrial scene, that's just not where it's coming from.

QRD – which is a more derogatory term, man or boy?

Jason – boy.  I don't know why.

QRD – how many people would you say are in your potential sales market?

Jason – how many people? I don't have any idea.  I hear from people like Mike Van Portfleet that from all these compila-tions I've been on, that all these people are like, "Unquiet Void blah-blah-blah-blah" & no one writes to me so I have no idea.

QRD – what's the most rock & roll thing you've ever done & the most goth thing you've ever done?

Jason – the most rock & roll thing I've ever done was a song called "Dust" & the most goth thing I ever did was that same song.

QRD – I was talking about in life, not just in music.

Jason – oh, the most rock & roll thing I ever did, I'd have to say, was cow tipping & the most goth thing I ever did was put on black nail polish.

QRD – do you want to play live at all & if so how often?

Jason – yeah, once in a great while.  I'll start off slow & see how it goes.

QRD – how many times a year, four?

Jason – probably.  hell, once a year if I could hack it.  I'd like to play at something like the Projekt festival.

QRD – what's your favorite love song?

Jason – "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack & I happen to like Cindytalk's version much better.

Tara ? how could you not?

Kristy (Jason's fiancee) ? I thought it was "Night & Day?"

Jason – no, "Night & Day" is also, but my absolute favorite if I absolutely had to pick one would be that.

QRD – what's your favorite Swans' song?

Jason – "Mona Lisa."

QRD – do you believe in unconditional love?

Jason – yes.

QRD – just like that, huh?  is that from humans to humans?

Jason – yes.  I love my cat & that's unconditional love, but I also believe there's unconditional love in humans.

QRD – what action figure would you most like to be?

Jason – hold on a second.  I think I'd like to be... Bane.

QRD – that's from Batman?

Jason – yeah, he broke Batman's back.

QRD – any older ones?

Jason – how old?

QRD – like the seventies.

Jason – yeah, I'd like to be one of the Herculoids.

QRD – they had action figures?

Jason – I think so, they came out with that big green thing that they rode on with the shit that came out of the horns & stuff like that.

Tara ? who was the chick on He-Man with the pink hair?

QRD – Teela?

Jason – no, that was the Sorceress wasn't it?

QRD – no, the Sorceress was a bird.

Tara ? she had pink hair & she was really cool.  she was a bad guy.

Jason – not Evil Lynn?

Tara ? no.

QRD – it wasn't Evil Lynn because she didn't even have hair usually, she wore a   hat.

Jason – you know, they didn't come out with many females for He-Man; just Teela, Evil Lynn, & the Sorceress.

QRD – but then She-Ra came out.

Tara ? there was a girl with pink hair though & I can't remember her name.

Jason – you know who you're thinking of? Jem.

Tara ? no.

Jason – aww....  it's pretty sad that I know about these things.

QRD – she was definitely evil though, nothing good about her?

Tara ? nope.  except her hair.

Jason – I'd like to know who that was, I was a big He-Man fan.  I would have He-Man & Evil Lynn & Teela all have sex.

QRD – did you ever see that new He-Man?

Jason – that was bullshit.

Tara ? I think she was on the newer He-Man.  not the one where he had the page boy, he had a pony tail.

QRD – I don't know the pony tail years as well.

Tara ? you know who else Cheetara.  I don't want to look like her, but that would be my name.

Jason – she had that staff & Panthro had the coolest num-chuks with cat paws at the end.

Tara ? Thundercats just kicked ass.

QRD – do you remember they got some new Thundercats all of a sudden?  three new ones, where did they come from?

Tara ? they were on some island, they had been trapped there.

Jason – Snarf, I liked him, he was cool.

QRD – you know, they're making a comeback.

Tara ? Mum- Ra was so cool.

Jason – Mum-Ra was awesome.  "Give me the might... the power...."

Tara ? he had that slime....

Jason – & Slithis the reptile toad looking dude with the webbed ears.

QRD – yeah, but I didn't that was his name.

Jason – yeah or maybe Slithy....

Tara ? Slythe...

Jason – there you go Slythe.

QRD – but then Jackal Man was just Jackal Man & Monkey Man was just Monkey Man.

Tara ? what was the vulture guys name?

QRD – Voltar....

Jason – no... Vulture Man, that's what it was.

Tara ? Liono, he was hot.  he was a fox.

Jason – who was that Panthro, Cheetara....

QRD – Tigra.

Jason – right.

Tara ? Wily Kit & Wily Kat.

QRD – Wily Kit & Wily Kat were bad asses.

Jason – they were the Wonder Twins for the nineties.

QRD – they're ten to fifteen years older than Liono, so they must be forty-five by the time they get to whatever planet they live on & they're still punk rock ass kickers throwing shit.

Tara ? remember they had those skateboard things.

Jason – yeah, they had those in Back to the Future 2.

Tara ? why don't they have that on?

QRD – they still do where I live.

Jason – really? they released all the episodes on tape.  did you ever see the movie? "Genesis" where it tells how they got there & how Liono got the glove.

QRD – that was just the first episode, it was an hour long.

Jason – next question.

QRD – which Simpson do you most identify with?

Jason – Homer.

QRD – why?

Jason – he likes donuts & he sits around in his underwear with his hand in his pants belching at the television.

QRD – Zack, Screech, or Slater; which one's you?

Jason – Screech.  I'd be ashamed to be considered Zack or Slater because I think they both have latent Oedipal complexes.  Screech is cool, they gave him a bum rap.

Tara ? Screech got really ugly the older he got.

Jason – okay, maybe I don't resemble him in that way.

QRD – or maybe you do.

Jason – the opinion's subjective.

QRD – what's your favorite cartoon?

Jason – Space Ghost.

QRD – the old one?

Jason – the new one's pretty good too.  that & Dungeons & Dragons, Thundercats, the Smurfs.

QRD – what do you think about the internet, are you for or against it & why?

Jason – I think it sucks.  it's evil.  all the people on it are insane & I want nothing to do with it.