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I'm really in love with teen culture.  I don't really know why & a lot of my friends make fun of me about it.  I'm fascinated.  Maybe it's how for teenagers everyone's a someone on the verge of fame.  Regardless of what they want to do with their life from sport star to lawyer to actor to revolutionary, they're all unstoppable & full of convictions & as powerful as they are naive.  Or maybe it's how every day your life could change forever.  You have so much forced social interaction via high school & so few responsibilities that at any time you can reinvent yourself or fall in love without many consequences.  Maybe it's how for teenagers everything's new & adventurous & glamorous.  Everything's a shiny new idea even if it started or ended a hundred years ago.  There's also a certain lack of regret that's honest & great.  The world's just moving too fast to bother to think about, you just deal with the consequences.  No kicking yourself in the head about the past, just move on to the present.  Then there's this really strong sense of self-importance & worth where you're one in a million instead of one of a million.  It's something you can't fake & when you see your place in the world realistically ? bang! You're an adult.  Or maybe I just want to relive my high school years because I've forgotten them & want to see if they're as cool as seen on tv.  Or maybe I just have a fetish for bodies & minds without scars....