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adventures of pinocchio

I wish that there were zombies.  I wish there was a plague of them so I didn't have to think anymore.  I'd just be busy trying to stay alive & trying to find a safe warm place to sleep each individual night, so I don't wake up with teeth biting into the bones of my forearm.  I won't have to worry about anything but continuing to exist & even if I stop existing I'll just turn into a zombie like everyone else & that's cool beans too.  I'd even settle for there not being a real plague of zombies, but just loads of movies about it that play in theaters 24 hours a day & you pay $5 & leave whenever you want & I'd build a little fort around a couple seats & just stay until I've spent all my money on popcorn & Almond Joys.  Then I'd go out into the real world & I wouldn't be able to function anymore in society because I'd be paranoid thinking people were zombies & then I'd either start killing people or move back in the theater where you know where the zombies are, but either way things are a-okay.