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interview with Vizler Tibor of Straight Edge (the best zine you'll never read) conducted by mail in april 1998

Straight Edge is one of the most popular zines in Hungary.  It's a music interview based zine & is in hungarian.

QRD – why did you feel you personally needed to do a zine

Tibor – well, it was a very simple reason.  I like music so much, but I haven't got so much money to buy records.  so I thought if I do a fanzine I'll get records easier.  later the doing of my fanzine became a really enjoyable so called hobby & I was interested in getting records less & less because I got a lot of records I didn't like.

QRD – how available is Straight Edge?

Tibor – Straight Edge is available in some record stores in my city, Györ, & the capitol city of Hungary, Budapest, & I distribute it via mail to my other readers who are living in several cities, towns, & villages of Hungary.

QRD – what zines originally inspired you to do one?

Tibor – I was inspired by the most famous Hungarian fanzine, it's called Második Látás (it means Second Vision in english), to start mine.  then a few years later we did a split issue.  I started mine in 1992 & we did our first split in 1995, since that time we've done two other split issues, too.

QRD – what's your favorite Swans' song?

Tibor – you know I like the Swans very much.  the Swans are one of my favorite bands & I like their songs very much.  not all their songs of course, but a lot of them I like.   so I can't tell you this or that song is my favorite Swans song.

QRD – recently some of Straight Edge has been in english, are you thinking of starting to do it in english?

Tibor – I have received a lot of letters from different countries in which people write me, "your fanzine is great, but there is a big problem.  I can't read it because I don't know Hungarian."  so I decided I'd have some parts (the interviews which I do myself via mail) in english.  you know first of all I do my fanzine for Hungarian people, Hungarian readers.  & to tell the truth my english is too poor to do the entirety of the fanzine in english.

QRD – how many issues would you like to do a year?

Tibor – two times a year would be great, one in spring & the other in autumn.  but you know to do my fanzine is just a hobby for me.  so it not only depends on if I can afford it, but if I have the time & frame of mind I do it, if I haven't I don't.

QRD – where do you think underground music is headed?

Tibor – it's anybody's guess.  maybe everything turns more & more extreme, different styles fuse, some styles become stronger than ever, some fade away.  I really don't know, these are generalizations.