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An April March interview by e-mail June 1998

An April March are a moody pop band, they're Canadian, Chris works in a recording studio for a living, what else am I supposed to tell you?

QRD – has the critical acclaim of your new record made a difference to you or to your sales?

Chris – I don't think that we have sold a helluva lot more of IGWS than any other previous release. I think that with each record, we sell a few more, & in my opinion we make a better record each time we try, but apart from feeling a little better from time to time, and the odd extra fan letter, critical acclaim is highly over-rated, if it is rated at all.  I would love to "review" some of our reviews in an interview sometime...

QRD – do you feel that using pre-recorded material live is a  compromise?

Chris – I have mixed feeling on this one... in one way I think it is corny to use pre-recorded material live, period. live should be live, as far as I'm concerned, when it gets right down to it. that is what live music, or performance of any kind is *about*  --  making something out of nothing. however, I tend to use the studio as a creative tool, or instrument, if you will, & it is not something that can be played *live*. so it was only a matter of time before we would incorporate a sampler into the live show (our bass player quitting just gave us the *motivation* "screw humans – machines are the way!!!!"). quite often major parts in our songs are studio creations (loops, backwards instruments, samples in general) & it is difficult to reproduce the songs live without them, so we use a
sampler live.  I think that using living breathing (often drunk) people can be as much of a compromise as a sampler. if I am counting on another person to play something & they do not, I'd sooner play to the machine – at least I know what it is going to play!

QRD – do you have problems getting confused with the other April Marches?

Chris – generally no, but we have several humorous stories dealing with multiple april marches. anyone on our mailing list knows what I mean. did you know that there is a band from Russia called April March? & the very first T-shirts we ever made had lyrics to one of our songs translated into Russian on the back? how about that! the Russian AM sent us their CD a few years ago with no note or anything – we still do not know the intent of that package. we continue to lock our doors at night! the US AM, a female singer/songwriter, posed on one of her record covers with a fender electric XII, the same guitar that Danella plays! I think it was just a prop for Miss April... I actually got an e-mail from miss march recently. it seems that she is releasing a big record and is going to become  very, very famous. she wanted to make sure we didn't have a problem with that. lotsa luck,  I said. she never replied -- maybe I was a little too sarcastic, or maybe she was shocked to hear of two other april marches, one from france, and one from Russia, with an unknown disposition.  did you know that there is an april march from france? crazy!  we just say, "we never said we were THEE april march, just AN april march" get it?

QRD – any interesting dreams lately?

Chris – I imagine, but I never remember any of them. good luck to me in trying to follow them! maybe that's why I feel so lost.

QRD – with the constantly dropping price of cd manufacturing & home recording how do you think the music industry will be affected?

Chris – don't get me started! I promise to keep it short.  ultimately, I don't think that the record industry will never be all that affected by cheap cds and home studios. The reason is simple --  as a recording engineer, who also sells cds out of his studio I see this a lot, & it can be summed up with one of my favourite studio sayings "shit in, shit out." just because it is now feasible for anybody with a decent income to put out a cd, doesn't mean it is going to be any good. & I don't mean good in a subjective way, either: I mean "will people buy/like this?" if no one will buy/like it, then it has no effect, other that to keep people like me working!  home recording will allow more people to record and release music, which is a good thing, but I think that the music industry will continue to be run by music fans as it is now. ultimately, people buy & listen to what they like & some search more than others to find what they like – & that is why there is the huge indie scene that there is today: but that's been round for 20 years now!  an interesting tidbit: I figure that there are almost 1000 cds put out each year by different Toronto artists. most of these records are not worth releasing. imagine NYC and LA. I would hate to work doing consignment at Tower Records!

QRD – what band do people compare you to that you find the most flattering?

Chris – we have been compared to Cocteau Twins, & although I don't see too many similarities these days, I do take it as a complement.

QRD – who deserves a tribute record that doesn't already have one?

Chris – easy, And Also The Trees. anybody else think so? maybe I'll do one! Cleopatra will put it out, right? anyone interested?

QRD – what do you think is the best way for an underground band to get themselves

Chris – easy, QRD interviews.  certainly not by pressing 1000 cds, mailing them to record labels, and consigning them at Tower! I really don't think there is a best way. it depends on what sort of recognition is desired. the best bet is to write some REALLY good original music that everyone LOVES, record it well, press it in a LOVELY sleeve, & hire a REALLY GOOD publicist. of course you will never find a really good publicist, so maybe forget that idea... I guess if I  had any really good ideas, I wouldn't be in an underground band anymore! self promotion doesn't hurt:
    An April March stuff is available from:
       Bedazzled Records
       Box 39195
       Washington DC, 20016
       or www.bedazzled.com
       or write aam@passport.ca
our latest record, It goes without saying is apparently rather well regarded. maybe you should buy it?  we have a new track on a compilation cd from Plan 11, News From
Nowhere. e-mail plan11@interlog.com for a mail order catalog.  & so on. stuff like that works, so I'm told.

QRD – anyone you'd like to talk crap about?

Chris – only my lack of discipline. it took a while to get around to doing this interview – no good way for an underground band to get themselves heard/recognized!