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Movie Reviews

    I liked this movie, I really don't care how many people make fun of it.  I know it's pretentious & probably filled with allegories I missed, but so are a lot of things.  My biggest complaint is about the hitchhiking scene being a little too porny, but whatever....

Joe Versus the Volcano
    I was scared to watch this again.  It was one of my favorite movies six years ago & I watched it a lot then, but haven't seen it since.  I was scared it was going to bleak & almost unwatchable because I only really remembered the first portion before Joe Banks quits his job; like when his boss says, "You don't feel good? Nobody feels good.  After childhood it's a fact of life."  I don't know what my point is, but I still like it & my girlfriend actually called it a good movie & I'll buy it on DVD when it comes out even though I don't own a DVD player.

Little Big Man
    This might be my favorite western, it's pretty funny & crazy.  There's some term for what this movie is about, maybe a captive narrative?  Dustin Hoffman is captured & raised by indians & then has some crazy adventures that could be plots from Bugs Bunny.

Planet of the Apes (2001)
    This movie made me realize something, there aren't any directors I can trust to make good movies.  There's no reason to pan this movie because it's just too easy.  Rent the original Planet of the Apes or Conquest of the Planet of the Apes & spend your time better.

Saturday Night Fever
    It's been five years since the last time I saw this & all I remembered was the brother giving up the priesthood & the friend who kills himself because his girlfriend is pregnant.  So I'm thinking it's fairly artistic & cool & proto-Gen-X.  Then I rent it & it ends up the 75% of the film I forgot actually is about disco dancing just like everyone told me....

    I only really wanted to see this movie because I heard that Kurt Russell movie Soldier was based on it.  I guess it was plot wise, but this doesn't have anywhere near the character development.  You just sit around waiting an hour for the gunfight to happen.