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More Complaints About Humans

     I thought for a long time that the root of all evil & problems with humans came from deceit.  & a lot of problems do come from this, but in the end lies & deceit come from something worse, pride.  People lie to avoid embarrassment (included under this category are lies about having done or not done things such as having an affair, learning to read, stealing) & to make themselves appear better (obviously including embarrassment related lies, but also about their level of necessity in groups or at jobs & lies to authority figures to keep from getting a scarred reputation) for the sake of ego & pride.  Pride also leads people to become prejudice not just of races or groups of people, but of anything they're not involved with or responsible for ("how can it be so great if it doesn't involve me?").  Pride causes infidelity as a means to stroke the ego ("I'm so important that two men adore me").  Greed & envy come from wanting to make sure a person is better than everyone else in obvious & measurable ways.  Pride causes vengeance with a need to not be out smarted or out hurt by someone ("he took my raise, I'll get him fired").  Pride leads to anger through an individual's fear of inferiority & desire to prove superiority either physically, mentally, or emotionally.  & pride unfortunately has endless benefits in the material world, it leads to every luxury & wealth while being humble generally leads to poverty & being treated cruelly.  Which means that if this life on earth is it, you should be an arrogant asshole.  So the questions are: "Is this it?" & "Are you an asshole?"