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The first issue from 1994, no number on the cover because i didn't know if another one would come.  Boy this feels like forever ago.  It was inspired by a lot of zines I didn't like & a few defunct ones I did & some a few friends did.  I didn't have a computer & typed stuff on a friend's portable word processor.  I didn't have much money & I couldn't afford a glue stick, so I glued the whole thing together with marshmellow fluff because i could buy that on my college food plan.  The original copy fell apart now.  The interviews were with Lycia & Super 31
Super 31 interview
message from Rev. X-Ray
Lycia interview
cat reviews
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Cat Reviews
this is baby thunder.  she lives with my sister.  she became bionic after a fight with a dog.
this is my cat Baoh.  he is bad ass.  he's my best friend.
this is Cat.  she lives with Katherine Harris's mom.
this is Salem.  he's tiny & tuff.  i saw him carrying a mouse once.  he's missing in action....
this is Tink/Hope, she lives with my sister.  she's fat & lazy, but still somehow beats up dogs....