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The first issue from 1994, no number on the cover because i didn't know if another one would come.  Boy this feels like forever ago.  It was inspired by a lot of zines I didn't like & a few defunct ones I did & some a few friends did.  I didn't have a computer & typed stuff on a friend's portable word processor.  I didn't have much money & I couldn't afford a glue stick, so I glued the whole thing together with marshmellow fluff because i could buy that on my college food plan.  The original copy fell apart now.  The interviews were with Lycia & Super 31
Super 31 interview
message from Rev. X-Ray
Lycia interview
cat reviews
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Message from Rev. X-RAY

OK ? listen here all you fucks.  i'm fucking tired of walking around and seeing all these people that fucking look the same.  All of you look the same!  no one has any originality.  i'm ready to start killing.  i'll bet you all grow up to work in some big company wearing a suit & tie and making MONEY FOR THE MAN.  unoriginal wankers.  force fed god damn Mtv all your life.  turn it off and start to think for your fucking self!  Get off the bandwagon kids.  get off your ass and fuck shit up.  stop taking shit from THE MAN.  THE MAN is not on your side, he's out to control you.  he wants to buy you and sell you and buy you back again.  TELL him to PISS OFF!  But most of you fuckers are too far gone to realize it.  hopefully all of you aren't.  off your ass now!  Revolt.  Destroy.  kill.  now mother fuckers, before he's got you branded to be sold.  Don't believe HIS LIES.