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The first issue from 1994, no number on the cover because i didn't know if another one would come.  Boy this feels like forever ago.  It was inspired by a lot of zines I didn't like & a few defunct ones I did & some a few friends did.  I didn't have a computer & typed stuff on a friend's portable word processor.  I didn't have much money & I couldn't afford a glue stick, so I glued the whole thing together with marshmellow fluff because i could buy that on my college food plan.  The original copy fell apart now.  The interviews were with Lycia & Super 31
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Super Thirty-One Interview November 17, 1994

if you don't know, Super 31 is a shoegazer/moody-pop band.  their first ep "Acceleration" is still something I listen to today.  "Dragonfly" on it is one of my favorite love songs.  This interview was conducted by e-mail when email was a new technology.

QRD – if you were a pretzel what kind would you be?

Kelly – jumbo soft pretzels with too much salt.

QRD – what's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Kelly & Brian – put on our glasses.

Frank – bathroom.

Robert – check to see if his feet are still on.

Quinn – checks to see if his hair has fallen out

QRD – do you have any funny tour stories?

Kelly – playing at the Purple Onion in San Francisco where the owner looked like Crispin Glover.  Frank's amp blew up & Brian's bass pedal broke & hit him in the face.  Brian threw his drum sticks in the air & hit me in the head & I thought it was someone from the audience.  Sonic Boom offered to share day-old calimari with Robert, "eh Robert, would ya like some squid, mate?"

QRD – when are you going to have another release?

Kelly – another ep is due out in a couple months, a seven inch.  hopefully a full length by the end of the summer.

QRD – why do you have so many guitars?

Kelly – we have so many guitars (only three now + bass) because we want to be very loud.

QRD – what's the best t-shirt you own?

Kelly – Brian's Darth Vader shirt.

QRD – are you going to stay in school or tour?

Kelly – everyone is finished except me, & I will graduate in May, so after that we'll hit the road.

QRD – what president do you most identify with?

Kelly – politics & music don't mix.

QRD – chemical influence of choice?

Kelly – tween 20.

QRD – what kinds of watches do you wear?

Kelly – I am a proud owner of the limited edition fossil "grunge rocker" watch.  Frank & Quinn don't wear watches.  Brian wears a watch that doesn't work.  Robert wears a watch that is worth more than all the money he has in the bank.

QRD – what songs do you cover?

Kelly – we've done "Heroin" by the Velvet Underground, "Revolution" by Spacemen 3, & we do great Motorhead impersonations.

QRD – where will you be in 24 years?

Kelly – all the guys will be bald except Frank.  I'll be an english professor & Frank will be a psychologist.  Brian will be having a liver transplant.  Quinn will be working at Sizzler.  & Robert will be married to a 20 year old.