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QRD #76
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Jason Handelsman
Jason Handelsman
Jason Handelsman

Musician Father Interview with Jason Handelsman of The President
June 2016
Jason Handelsman
Name: Jason Handelsman
Bands:  Haitian Voters, Walrus, Ghost of Dirty, The President, Huffer Collective
Websites: huffercollective.tumblr.com, blogs.miaminewtimes.com/crossfade/prunktv, thepresident.bandcamp.com

QRD – How old were you when you first realized you wanted to be a musician?

Jason – Not just desiring to become a musician, but An Artist. I loved the pyrotechnics, makeup, lights, costumes, & the stage props as much as I loved the musical performance. Run to the hills! Iron Maiden. Judas Priest. Black Sabbath.

QRD – What are a few highlights of your musical career?

Jason – The President opening for Lightning Bolt. Ghost of Dirty getting arrested during a performance in New York City. Wrestling GG Allin at a show in New Orleans. Performing the HANDELSMANTRA for His Divine Grace, King Buzzo. Currently being part of the Huffer Collective.

QRD – At what age did you decide you wanted to become a father?

Jason – It wasn’t really that type of decision.

QRD – What are some positive & negative impacts your family has had on your career?

Jason – Having sex in order to make a new person is positive creativity. Making a baby is superior to flings. Responsibilities create restrictions & limitations, but it makes perfect sense.

QRD – What are some positive & negative impacts your career has had on your family?

Jason – I’ve learned how to mind my own business.

QRD – Has your son effected the music you make &/or listen to?

Jason – Totally! My son Timothy is my muse.

QRD – Do you think being involved in music has made your son different than his piers?

Jason – Timothy is fully aware of the HANDELSMAN LEGACY.

QRD – Have you had problems with the lack of steady money from a musical career providing the security you feel necessary in your household

Jason – Sometimes. Like when we have to sleep in the car & eat dumpstered bologna sandwiches.

QRD – Given the limitations having a family has on being a touring musician, would you have toured more earlier in life if you’d known?

Jason – I’ve been around the world several times. I’ve had more fun than any living human on this Earth. Now I have a different kind of fun. As a husband & a father.

QRD – Do you think being a father or a musician has a greater impact on your community?

Jason – Ask the dude who shot Dimebag.

QRD – Would you rather see your children eventually become musicians or parents?

Jason – That’s up to them & the game of Life.

QRD – Both family & music seem like things that will take up as much of your time as you’re willing to put in.  How do you end up dividing your time?

Jason – Sometimes I’ll sit & try to answer questions like this instead of making more coffee.

QRD – What does your son think of your music?

Jason – We go knocking on doors together in the worst possible neighborhoods for HANDELSMAN outreach. So it’s not my music, it’s our music. It’s for the unborn. It’s for the spiritual realm.

QRD – Do you think you could ever do a musical project with your children?

Jason – Maybe in Las Vegas.

QRD – Any words of advice to young people?

Jason – Eat lots of chocolate.

QRD – Anything else?

Jason – Thanks.