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QRD #76
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Artistic Dad Interviews:
Jason Handelsman
JB Sapienza
Jon Madof
Josh Doughty
Loc Josinski
Tanner Garza
Guitarist Interviews:
Casey Harvey
Gabriel Douglas
Cartoonist Interviews:
Jeff McClelland
Peter Kuper
Josh Howard
Touring Musician Interviews:
Aaron Snow
Nathan Amundson
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I hope you all are well.  Pretty stoked to get another issue together & have it be in a timely manner this time.  A continuation of our annual Father's Day interview specials (want the book of previous interviews? go here) as well as the cartoonist, guitarist, & touring musician series.  So something for everybody.
There's gotten to be a little more stability with my day job situation & it's allowed me  to work a little more on Silber stuff instead of just being crazy.  So there's some new releases coming & you'll see them up on the main Silber page or you can check out the latest on Spotify.
I added a new template over in the button factory for people wanting to do up to 35 different designs for one inch buttons in one swoop at the same price as doing one design.  
Below are the interviews, thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell
May 2016

Artistic Dad Interviews:
Jason Handelsman of The President (June 2016)
JB Sapienza of My Name Is Jonah (June 2016)
Jon Madof of Zion80 (June 2016)
Josh Doughty of Funeral Parlor (June 2016)
Loc Josinski of Koyl (June 2016)
Tanner Garza of Black Leather Jesus (June 2016)

Guitarist Interviews:
Casey Harvey of Thrushes (June 2016)
Gabriel Douglas of The 4onthefloor (June 2016)

Cartoonist Interviews:
Jeff McClelland creator of Teddy and the Yeti (June 2016)
Peter Kuper co-founder of World War 3 Illustrated (June 2016)
Josh Howard creator of Dead@17(June 2016)

Touring Musician Interviews:
Aaron Snow of Landing (June 2016)
Nathan Amundson of Rivulets (June 2016)