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QRD #67 - Comic Creator Interviews VII
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Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Jeff Guarino & Dean Westerfield
Luke Parker
Jack Gonzalez
Tom Arvis
Jared Catherine
Nic J Shaw
Andrew MacLean
Andrew Moran
Joe Simmons
Tony Sedani
Leigh Walls
Emily R Gillis
Scott Finch
Crystal M Rollins
Janusia Figuieredo
Michael Bracco
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to QRD #67.  Here’s are seventh time out asking questions with cartoonists about comics & their craft & I’m pleased by the diversity of the group.  We’ve got some folks making a living off of their work, veterans who are satisfied with their place, & young folks just starting out.  It's also worth noting a lot of the folks in here I got in touch with because of writing a story that ended up in Joe Badon's anthology Memoirs of the Mysterious.

Some of these interviews are a few months old & I apologize for that.  As some of you know I did the big guitarist interview ebook & compilation for QRD & while it wasn’t a big enough financial success to knock my other work out of the way, it did end up taking up all of the QRD time.  But with it done things should be back on track & we should have another issue ready super soon as I already have the interviews in for the another installment in our guitarist series.

I have come to the conclusion after talking to some folks that while our interview series are going to keep rolling along, I am going to start to stray away from themed issues.  So from here on out the guitarist & cartoonist interviews & such will be mixed in with our classic style interviews & I’m going to be bringing some of the reviews I’ve been doing out of the blogs & back over here to QRD.

Thanks for your interest & support, it means a lot to me.

Brian John Mitchell