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QRD #28, January 2005
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European Candy Reviews

I recently came across this piece of paper with a few candy reviews from last time I was in Europe.  Whenever I check the statistics the candy review page is the number one place for hits, so here you go.

D’aim – More like a Skor than a score.

Freia XXL – Norwegians disguising Kit Kat as their own.

Lohengrin – Shaped like a black bone with a marrow filling.  Pete says, “I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who had this as their main candy.”

Nestle Lion – Best candy package ever filled with chocolate covered vanilla wafers.

Ragusa – Looks like an open sore, tastes like chocolate mousse. 

Stratos – Airy & non-existent – yet disgusting.

Tom’s Yankee – Tastes like nothing American except toothpaste.