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QRD #28, January 2005
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John OíBrien & My Car

I wonder how much John OíBrien is his lead characters.  Is he telling stories of what he would do in situations or what he did do?  He (like me) seems to have a big interest in his life falling apart.  He seems to fantasize about it.  What would happen if you pushed yourself to bottom?  Would you just collapse or would it finally turn things around?  Would quitting my job & leaving town help me?  What would I take with me?  Do I even own anything with enough sentimental value for me to take?  I donít care about my books or records or guitars or clothes & thatís most of what I own.  I realize that other peopleís lives are filled with important artifacts.  I want to own something important to me.  I want something important of no monetary value.  I think it would be nice to have photographs that are personally valuable.  I think it would be great to have a car or sofa that was a reflection of who I am.  Maybe I do; cheap, non-descript, past its prime...
How my car fits & doesnít fit my personality
color => green, coincidental color at purchase, no emotional link
style => small (technically compact), like me, but not what I want to be
low end product => I always debate how good I am
stickshift => coincidental, but maybe it relates to me being a bit of a ludite
cheap => working class (like me)
crap radio => still an upgrade from my previous carís
no power windows => I was once locked in a car (not my parentsí) as a child, it was summer & the power window couldnít go down because the car wasnít running.  I was probably 3 or 4 & itís the first time I remember sweating.
needs a new paint job => I need new clothes (ones that fit)
reliable => I feel like I might actually over keep my promises
could stop being reliable at any time => I donít want to reveal this about myself

I hope John OíBrien didnít drive a Ford Escort because I donít want to kill myself.