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QRD#28, January 2005
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Hey Kidz,

So this issue is a little different than usual.  Youíll notice that instead of interviewing musicians, I interviewed comic book writers.  Itís because lately Iíve started to get into comics again.  Iíve been thinking about how when I was a kid I gave up comics for music because the cool kids were into music & comics were for babies & dorks.  So Iíve been re-reading some of the old comics I grew up on like Killraven, Ex-Mutants, Grendel, & GrimJack; as well as getting into some stuff thatís new to me like Optic Nerve, Kamandi, & Cerebus.  I think comics might actually be a more successful medium for telling stories & conveying emotions than music.  At least they have the potential to be competitive with music.   Weíll probably be back to being a music zine next issue.

This issue (like every issue lately) took a long time for me to do.  There are a lot of reasons why.  There was the new Remora album & northeast tour.  There's the push on Lost Kisses.  There's the promotional machine for five new releases on Silber.  There was the Silber web redesign.  There was having the flu for two weeks.  I guess that's all of my excuses, it should've been out in January.

Brian John Mitchell