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job reviews

Airline Ramp Agent ? work with jackasses/lardasses/lazyasses & ratbastards!!!

Assistant Manager (Video Store) – Get to take part in the hiring process of an easy low paying job so you can make sure to only hire freaks.  Oh, & getting to do some accounting & telling employees “try not to say ‘fuck’ when you argue with a customer” are kind of fun in their own way too.

CAD Operator – CAD is computer assisted drafting software.  This was the best job I ever had.  I quit to go to college & because I was young & thought it felt too secure.  All I did was click a mouse & crunch some numbers.

Film Projectionist ? This job appealed to me for several reasons: it was unique, only one other girl had ever done it in the history of that theatre, & it involved learning weird skills (splicing film, setting up projectors, changing in-house marquees).  It is sort of an isolated job, which I liked ? once movies were up & running, I could do homework up in the booth.  It was a good "school job" in that respect, but some nights ran really late, & that wasn't so great for getting to classes in the morning. Usually things ran smoothly at this job, but when things went wrong, it was particularly stressful because people get understandably irate over their movies messing up. I got to see free movies when I was a projectionist, albeit from the booth, which was still very cool. It used to be a really dangerous job because of film flammability, & for that reason, it used to be a union job. It's not like that any more, & I made minimum wage, which sucked. Not getting paid enough was the main reason I had to quit, but this one lives on in my heart as the strangest job I've ever had.

Land Surveyor Rodman – This is the guy you see on the side of the road holding a stick.  It’s an easy job, but if you get stuck on a crew with people you don’t like you’ll want to quit & they won’t stop telling you shit you don’t want to know.

Librarian – This is my dream job.  I don’t know exactly what the people do, but it requires a master degree, so I’ll probably never really be able to do it.

Local Courier – This is a pretty good job because you’re mainly on your own.  I couldn’t really keep it up because my car was dying.  The only bad things were traffic & sometimes making weird deliveries like trying to get a lunch to an elementary school kid.

Mass Mailing Collator – This job is a joke.  You stuff envelopes for junk mailings.  It’s repetitive & annoying & shouldn’t exist at all.

Office Assistant – This job is really irritating because no matter what you do, you still have to do the same filing the next day.  The only good thing is occasional massive reorganizing projects; it’s fucked up when you look forward to something like that.

Sales Associate (Art & Craft Store) – When you’re setting plan-o-grams & stocking, this job is good; even helping customers isn’t bad sometimes, then they call you to run a register & life sucks.

Shipping/Receiving Agent (Art & Craft Store) – Now this is a good job.  All you do is unload some boxes from a truck in the morning & then check what’s inside against what you ordered.  Then you tell other people to put it on shelves.

Touring Band Merchandiser – I hear if you join a union this pays a lot, but then what good band can afford to hire you?  The travelling & 20 hours of downtime is nice.  Sometimes dealing with the fans isn’t too bad either, but all the people who try to schmooze for free stuff is kinda crappy.

Video Store Clerk – No stress at all because none of the employees care about the customers.  Put videos on the shelves, check out customers, put barcodes on tapes, nothing a monkey couldn’t do.  Lots of downtime if you work in the right store.  The most fun part is building standees.

Zine Editor – This is okay, if only it paid money instead of costing money.  Great for making long distance friends, meeting your favorite bands, making yourself feel/look productive, & increasing your mail volume.  The biggest drawback is annoying people wanting to be friends with you because of it.