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interview with Filip Andersen september 30, 1999

Filip Andersen (Artist 141 of Origami Republika) runs a label called Krank & his main musical project is Ring, but he’s part of the incestuous side project world of Origami Republika.  he’s from Norway.  he just put out a compilation called Songs from the Loosing End vol. 2 that includes tracks by Aarktica, Vlor, Remora, Ring, & a bunch of other bad asses.

QRD – your main project Ring combines elements of folk, psychedelic, ambient, & noise.  why would you say it is or is not part of any of these  movements?

Filip – It must be the movement inside myself then... But maybe it's inside other people too.  I hope that people may start to listen to more different music soon.  That’s the only reason I make my music the way I do. I hadn't noticed that my music was a mixture before other people told me. So I just listen to music I love, & automatically I put it into my own music.

QRD – what do you feel more comfortable with in your songs, the music or  the lyrics?

Filip – Both really... I never deliver the words printed with the records, because I feel it's important to get the whole feeling. Reading lyrics is like reading a movie manuscript.  You don't get the whole picture before the film is made.

QRD – what all side projects do you currently have going on?

Filip – There is a lot of small projects going on in addition to Ring. We have  just started Origami Christiansand, & I also do some recordings with a drum'n'bass guy, some 4-track by mail kinda stuff & I also play with the avant garde band Cirkus Gilmour sometimes.

QRD – I assume your record label Krank started out at least somewhat as a vanity label, but now that you're getting your material released by other labels & releasing other bands’ materials on your own label, where do you plan for it to go?

Filip – Krank is still going strong. By all ways. But mainly I will do compilations.  Big or small.  I also think that I will release Ring on my label still. Just wait & see. I really don't know myself what will be next up.

QRD – you're part of the norwegian noise/art scene, how big is the scene really?

Filip – Pretty big really. Norway has a couple of big names really. Like Lasse Marhaug, Kjetil D. Brandsdal, Origami, Andreas Brandal, DEL, Contenental Fruit, Fibro Trespo, plus Origami itself is a bunch of people doing different things under the name of Origami.

QRD – what's your favorite piece of musical equipment?

Filip – Acoustic guitar.

QRD – what would you like to get involved with doing that you can't because of time constraints?

Filip – Yes... a lot.... More noise, traditional music, painting/drawing, movie making...

QRD – could you name ten albums influential to you as a musician?

Filip – Beatles - 62-66, Hank Williams Sr. - Greatest Hits, Neil Young - On The Beach, Jim O'Rourke - Bad Timing, Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat, Syd Barrrett - Madcaps Laughter, Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde, the flying burrito brothers - the gilded palace of sin, Gram Parsons - GP, Nick Drake - Pink Moon.

QRD – what's your favorite monster & what kind do you most identify with?

Filip – Monster? hmm...don't know....

QRD – what's your favorite Swans' song?

Filip – I'm really not so very into Swans.  Sadly, it was "before" me.  A lot of my friends have their records, & I have listened to them, & like it, but don't have any records by them.

QRD – is there anything specific you think you think people should be aware
of in life?

Filip – There is more that the visible.  Take care of the nature, it is you.  Beware of the capitalists.

QRD – what are your upcoming plans & what else would you like people to know?

Filip – In a month or two, Krank will have out a 7" with the Ring-alike "St. Thomas: songs".  4 strong tracks recorded with banjo, analog synths, guitars & space vocals.  Acid-folk with some ambient stuff on it.