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QRD #71 - Label Owner Follow-Up Interviews
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Label Owner Follow-Up Interview with Sean O'Neal of Little Helpers
March 2015
Sean O'Neal of Little Helpers
Name: Sean O’Neal
Label: Little Helpers
City: Earth
Artists Roster: Butane, Someone Else, Ryan Crosson, Beaner, Santorini, Niederflur, Tim Xavier, Andrew Grant, Agaric, Mark Henning, Buck, Standard Fair, Limo, Kai Limberger, Mr. Bizz, Dirty Culture, Duky, Lomez, Kane Roth, Andras Toth, Kaitaro, Stimmung Andern, Nhow Nhow, Re-UP, Itamar Sagi, Deep Square, Jason Short, Juan Zolbaran, Bodeler, Manuel De Lorenzi, Nigel Richards, Loquace, Sollmy, Dubfound, Petar Cvetkovic, Sabe, Sebastian Wilck, Danielle Nicole, Third Child, Bauch, Doubtingthomas, Olololop, Multiple Mono, Ronan Portela, Francesco Passantino, Marc Faenger, Pablo Denegri, Konsumgut, Mad_Us, Dan Noel, Fabio Papa, Camilo Do Santos, D8M, Sonartek, Andrea Landi, Teo, East End Dubs, Julie Marghilano, Cicuendez, Alejandro Fernandez, Massimo Girardi, Sunju Hargun, Jako, Ulm West Deep, Hermanez, Jorge Savoretti, Reflux, Yvel & Tristan, D.A.L.I., Sebastian Olano, Bunte Bummler, Just_Me, Anatolkin, Unluck, Roi Okev, Jody Hannan, Nick Daring, Ludvan Allan, Leix, Samu, Adapter, White Brothers, Jesus Soblechero, Alex Costa, Wender A., Rods Novaes, Iry, Damien K Sahri, Joor Ghen, Andrew Wickes, Martin Dacar, Cardace & Perazzini, REda daRE, Mizzzo, Sam Halvag, Derek Marin, Ploy, Eddy Romero, Frink, Mousky, Counrad, Subjugator, Alex Piccini, Jean Bressan, Tripio X, Dhaze, Just A Mood, Matt Keyl, Joeski, Liberty, Sunrose, Riccardo Sabatini, Lee Walker, Pablo Inzunza, Proudly People, Yanee, 2Dave, Angel Brizuela, An-Beat, University Of Nowhere, Sander Ellerman, James Dexter, Dani Rivas, Borodin, Salva Stigler, Kevin Schwazer, Alex Mine, Fideles, Letou, Chris-T & Matu, Max (Italy), Rick Sanders, Sergei Loginov, Jason Timothy, Loui Fernandez, Ghigo, Kasbah Zoo, OniWax, Ashworth, Aggborough, Bulaklak, K.A.M.A., Philo, Matthias B, Sounds Like Us (a.k.a. Daniel Sanchez & Pascal Benjamin), Konstantin_k, Rockwell & Landers, Alexis Cabrera, Kike Mayor, Manna From Sky, Love In The Deep, Relock (Italy), Bruno Limma, Gruw Frequency, Emanuele Rada, Rennie Foster, M.F.S: Observatory, Duune, Alfonzo BZ, Enrico Caruso, Ian Tribb, Dave James, Milos Pesovic, Michal Ho, Caval, Marcelo Rosselot, Francisco Allendes, Flashmob, Maxicool, Lies & Truths, Markel, Ben Aus, Dubman F., Mani Rivera, Bonaventti.
Websites: https://www.facebook.com/littlehelpers4djs, https://soundcloud.com/little-helpers
Original Label Owner Interview with QRD

QRD – Any major changes to the label or your general outlook on running a label since last time?

Sean – Not at all. We continue to be very strict & careful about what we choose to release. & we continue to encourage some of our artists to alter their tracks to fit more properly (concept-wise) on Little Helpers.

QRD – How do you feel labels are more & less useful to artists now than they were five years ago?

Sean – To be honest, I don’t see a difference at all. If anything, labels these days are nothing more than a stepping stone for artists to try to expand their careers. Maybe that seems sad. But the way shit is so over-saturated these days, how can you blame these young fellas for thinking otherwise?

QRD – There are a lot less record stores than their used to be.  How has that effected your model for releasing music?

Sean – We don’t release a lot of vinyl. Only a little bit. So to Little Helpers, this is basically irrelevant. The bulk of our releases are digital via Beatport.

QRD – Spotify has become an undeniable force that has reduced download sales while (allegedly) fighting piracy.  In the end what is good or bad about it for you as a label & do you embrace it?

Sean – I have no opinion about Spotify. To be honest, I never even listened to a track once in my life on Spotify. But that said, Beatport’s new platform will be offering a Spotify-style element. So I am told.

QRD – Most labels are making a bit less money than they were a few years ago.  What have you done to lower expenses or find new sources of revenue?

Sean – Nothing. We do the same. We pay for mastering, we pay for artwork, & we pay for just a little bit of promotion. Nothing has changed for us. & we always pay our artists the money they are owed.

QRD – What social networks are you active on & what ones aren’t worth the time & energy to you?

Sean – We only use Facebook & Soundcloud. & Beatport if you consider that a social network (which you will soon). As for the rest, they are merely not for us, for now. But we will see what happens in the near future.

QRD – With the rise of social networks & trusted download shops, has your own website become less important than it was a few years ago?

Sean – Our website is just a Facebook & a Soundcloud page right now. So, no. If anything, those two webpages have grown for us in the last five years, because our popularity grew in the last five years.

QRD – Do you think fan funding (e.g. Kickstarter) is the future, a fad, or an awful thing for the music industry?

Sean – We have no need for something like that. It’s almost funny to us.

QRD – What’s something you leave up to bands to do rather than handling as a label?

Sean – To make good music. (This is a silly question.)

QRD – Do you see albums, EPs, or singles more relevant than a few years ago or pretty much in the same place?

Sean – I see no difference whatsoever. In the last few years, there has been little evolution, unfortunately.

QRD – Do you have separate release dates for different formats (CD, vinyl, digital download, streaming)?

Sean – Our digital releases are roughly once a week, except holiday times. Our vinyl releases are random. We only have two vinyl releases so far, so it’s too premature to expand on the vinyl aspect of your question.

QRD – Anything else?

Sean – Nope.