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QRD #66 - Guitarist Interviews X
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Guitarist Interviews:
Gavin MacArthur
Gary Murray
Joe O'Sullivan
Tony Whitlock
Jason Williams
Lucio Menegon
Dan Bridgewood-Hill
Igliashon Jones
Denny Kopp
Drew Jacobs
Jason Hendrix
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Hey Kidz,

So this fall marks 20 years of me doing QRD.  It’s pretty hard to believe & I’m never sure if it’s a mark of fortitude or stubbornness or immaturity or what that I am doing the same thing nearing 40 as I was as a teenager.  But my hope is it’s some kind of sign of me being ahead of my time in the 1990s rather than just being stuck in the 1990s.

Right now I am coming around to pushing QRD towards the future in the same way I have a few times in the past.  I have a couple of friends who make ebooks for a living & they keep telling me that with the amount & quality of content I have backlogged with QRD, I should be able to make money in the ebook market.  So I’m starting big.  I’m starting with an ebook collecting all of the QRD Guitarist Interviews (this issue is the tenth installment of the series) & a compilation associated with it.  I’m running a Kickstarter for it because that seems to be the thing that gets people excited about buying artsy things lately.  Anyway, I guess it’s going to be 160+ interviews & well over a thousand pages & $10 for the interviews & $10 for the compilation (probably about three hours of music).  I’m hoping for it as the kind of thing to attract some attention to QRD & the musicians I’ve always supported.  But we’ll see what happens.  If it works out at all, I’ll probably start doing ebooks collecting other series & maybe do some stuff collecting the QRD interviews of the bands I’ve interviewed a half dozen times.  We’ll see what happens.  I may do print on demand or something as well.  If I could get the money & readership to magically appear, I’d be happy to make QRD come out a lot more often & consistently.  I’d really love to get to a point where I felt there was an interest in doing two issues a month with 10 interviews per issue.  Just got to wait on that & see if things will change QRD from my spare-time gig to my part-time gig.

So anyway, this issue is the tenth installment in our guitarist interview series & it goes from punk rock to post rock to guitar destruction.  I’m pretty happy with the versatility of the players featured & if this is your first time checking out QRD I suggest going through the archives a bit to see some other pretty incredible interviews in the series.
Gavin MacArthur of Schlong, Gasa Gasa Orchestra, Max & Her Trail Mix, & Nick Nevis 
Gary Murray of Gary Murray & LN & (eighteen twelve)
Joe O'Sullivan of Bilge Pump & Polaris
Tony Whitlock of Matthew & The Arrogant Sea & Secret Keepers
Jason Williams of Tundras, Animal Holograms, & Haunted Yacht
Lucio Menegon of Reverend Screaming Fingers, microdecibel, & Fisted Lizard
Dan Bridgewood-Hill of dbh, NASDAQ, The FTSE 100, Burnst, & DAQ Sabbath
Igliashon Jones
Denny Kopp of Above Us The Waves & Kopp Archtops
Drew Jacobs of Drew Jacobs & the Sauce & Drewbear
Jason Hendrix of An Unfortunate Woman

Big thanks to Shaun Sandor for doing the cover photo for this issue.

Thanks for your interest & support, it means a lot to me.

Brian John Mitchell