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This issue is a little thin.  Iíve been running a little low on time & energy lately.  Maybe itís because itís winter or maybe itís because I let the girl everyone knew would break my heart again go ahead & break my heart again (for the last time or just the most recent?) or because Iíve started working third shift & I just canít deal with it.  Itís funny because at the same time that the last year has been an emotional wreck for me (as well as almost everyone I know), thereíve been a lot of great things happening.  I think eventually I might not see 2002 as the worst year of my life.  Iíll start to lose my hope that it will never be 2002 again & remember that it was the year I finally got some bad people out of my life & the year I finally got so broken that I had to let go of things & learn how to be content instead of manic.  My life isnít perfect.  I donít even think Iíd actually call my life good.  But it is okay & thatís the best itís been for a while.