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Kind not Nice

Somehow for me “kind” & “nice” have become extremely different words when applied to humans.  I thought it would be easy to point out in a dictionary, but they’re actually pretty much the same in the dictionary (though nice is descended from a word meaning “stupid”).  For me a “nice person” is pleasant & friendly & agreeable.  A “nice person” tries to make you feel good.  A “nice person” is generally well liked & unoffensive.  A “nice person” is more concerned with feelings & appearances than honesty & truth.  A “kind person” is concerned with the truth & the pursuit of the betterment of humanity.  A “kind person” is brutally honest.  A “kind person” would rather hurt you with the truth than comfort you.  Maybe it’s the same kind of small distinction as the line between a capitalist & a communist or a christian & an atheist or a demon & an angel.  Maybe it’s about whether morality or avoidance of emotional turmoil is more important & if morality is hard wired or only cultural stigmas.  Maybe it’s my belief that hard work brings good things even though I’ve never had a job nor know anyone who has where hard work has actually been rewarded instead of penalized.  I don’t want to be comfortable or lazy or nice.  I want to be hard working & good & kind.